Would you fuck your mother?

I had thoughts about fucking my mother a lot. Sometimes she wears these tight little pants that make her ass look really fine. We usually drink together and have a good time. I was at my place laying down one day and I was texting my mother. After a while I kept thinking about fucking her, so I couldn't resist and sent her a picture of my dick. She never replied about that picture, but after a a while I started asking her to fuck. She kinda got mad and said she's my mother. I said "well, I know its been a while since you had sex, and same for me. Why don't we fuck each other?" She didn't really like what I said. She jus kept saying she cant because she is my mother. I kept on trying though, but after a while I gave up, but every time I see her wearing those tight pants, I just wanna take them off and fuck the shit out of her right there. What are some tips you would give a fella to try and fuck his mother?

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  • You are being too forward with your mother. You need to seduce her over a period of time. Seduce your mother like you would with other women, be smart. Start taking her out for meals and take her to the movies, so basically take her out on dates. Be complimentary and a little flirty towards her for example tell how nice she looks and notice when has her hair cut or she buys a new item of clothing. Start holding her hand every now and then. When you two hug try and hug for a little bit longer. If you and your mother kiss, try kissing for a little longer. Maybe go on vacation together and make sure it's just you two. You need to play the long game unfortunately but if you are clever enough and follow my advice in stages, you may have be in your mother's bed sooner than you think!

  • Keep trying, though the prospects sounds bleak. My mom had a hot ass too, and used to walk around in cotton running shorts that barely covered her bubble ass. It looked fucking amazing.

  • Since you already drink with your mother, you need to get your mother really drunk. Water your drinks, but make hers strong. Then put the moves on her. Get those tight little pants off, and fuck your mother's pussy good. She'll get over her inhibitions once you've been fucking her for a while. She'll cum on your cock before you bust your nut inside her pussy.

  • I would definitely have sex with my mum! My advice to you is too seduce your mum step by step and be very affectionate.

  • I would just throw her down, rip her clothes off, and rape the shit out of her. Not too many mothers would turn in their own son for rape. If she does threaten to call the police, just shoot her full of heroin and tell the police she died from an accidental overdose. Just clean out any splooge you left in her vag or any where else, them DNA tests will get you every time.

  • Jesus fuck.

  • You might try getting her drunk, it does lower a persons inhibition.

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