What the hell sleepover

I'm a single mom and my son asked to have a couple of friends over for a sleepover. I said that's fine. I let my son sleep over at his friends' houses too and as parents we take turns and it's nice to have that sense of community, not to mention have a break from parenting.

Before going to bed I went to check on them and bring them popcorn but holy shit they were watching porn and had their dicks out and stroking. I just said "really?" and left. Not going to lie, their hard dicks looked adorable.

I'm not sure if I should tell their parents or just keep my mouth shut about it.

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  • At 73 I don't think I could contain myself if ever I came upon such an erotic sight. I could only imagine the pleasure those "adorable, hard dicks" could provide.

  • Don't worry, and don't rat them out. Lots of young guys jack off together, and they will probably try sucking cock, too. No big deal.

  • I am not sure how old your son is but telling could ruin his friendships and his life for a while! I am 64 and this same sort of behavior happened when I was a kid (with magazines, of course, since there was no internet! LOL!) and my wife caught my son and a couple of his buddies doing the same. It eventually escalated to his friends jerking off and cumming in my wife's used panties (often found cum-filled panties in the laundry hamper) but no harm ever came to anyone. We all grew up normal, got married, and had kids. My daughter-in-law found some inappropriate texts between her daughter (12 at the time) and her daughter's friends. She contacted one of the other mothers about it and it did not take long for my granddaughter's friends to hate her. I would not say anything.

  • Almost all humans in every culture masturbates. So just let it slide like nothing happened at all.

  • Why didn't you offer to Suck them? I'm sure seeing that got you a bit worked up. Your Nips were probably getting hard.. you didn't explain how it made you feel.. be honest.

  • If they are just past puberty realize that their hormones are as potent as rocket fuel and they probably need to squirt some nut multiple times a day. It can't be helped. It sounds like you left them alone and that was the right move.

  • You should have offered to help them. No harm in it.

  • Just think how good it would feel to have all of those "adorable" dicks in you at the same time. For her birthday one year I gave my present wife a special gift, three teenaged cocks. They fucked her for almost three hours, one, two and three at a time, and she loved it. Maybe you need to take them at the same time.

  • Yup, sounds about normal. I would not tell anyone about it because that could open a bigger can of worms than you want to deal with.
    My friends and I used to compare dick sizes at sleepovers and one of my friends asked me in the dark one night if he could touch mine. We all grew up to be pretty boring normal guys.

  • You should've gotten on your knees like a good whore.

  • Masturbation is normal. Masturbatering around other dudes, is nothing short of gay. It wont be long before they are stroking each others cocks, which leads to sucking each other off, which leads to full on butt sex. You need to beat the gay out of your son before he morphs into a full blown fag.

  • Gay?! Seriously? Wow. That's just nuts. These kids were obviously 12 or 13 years old. Most boys at this age, if they have close friends, compare size and masturbate at sleepovers telling each other made-up stories about a cute girl they made out with at summer camp. Where do you think the term "circle jerk" came from? It certainly doesn't refer to 18 or 20 year olds. By that age boys have girlfriends and completely understand how their bodies work. Puberty is a confusing time and boys (and girls) need to share it with others going through the same thing. Does NOT meant hey are gay.

  • You sound like a guy with Gay tendencies that is fighting it all your life. Don't worry, you were born that way. You didn't catch it. Straight people are just straight without fighting it and don't worry about catching it.

  • Lol, that’s fucking funny as

  • Funny, but true. Once you catch the gay, it's hard to get rid of.

  • Don't tell anyone's parents, but you should have had them zip it up, because they were being inappropriate. What they were doing was not ok.

  • I wouldn't say anything, let one of the other kids parents catch them. Besides, you might just want to have one of those adorable hard dicks in your mouth sometime.

  • How old? That matters.

  • I'm a parent. Why tell on the boy? They are going to watch porn and jack off even if you do tell or do anything to your son. Back in the day I would have got knocked across the room but it's a different times now. When we knew what was going on behind a closed bedroom door we gave them space. Raging hormones is a cruel thing at times.

  • I am 27 and a mother to a over active 15 year old step son. Talk about raging hormones he has em. Kissed me many times inappropriately and many times has me soaking wet with his advances and last week I let him go way to far and now wants me daily and wont let me alone till he fills me with his cum.
    Yesterday however while he was filling me with his cum he kept right on fucking me till I became sore from lack of lubrication I begged for him to stop but he wouldn't telling me I was his and his alone to do with what he wanted and when he wanted me He'd have me to do with what he wanted. God what have I done? I have created a sex monster But I won't lie I love his advances.
    He watches porn gets all horney and comes and takes it all out on me and I let him for I have fallen deeply in love with him well his fucking me anyway.

  • I love you ! I talk to my wife about this kinda thing ! She wants atleast 3 preferably 6 ! And she wants all the cum she can get ! I tried one time we was camping to fuck this 13 year old . She didn't, but I talk to her sometimes when we fuck , I know she wishes she would have ! It makes her cum hard ! Do you cum a lot for him ?

  • I think that is so beautiful that you have fallen in love with your step son, and that you have given your body to him. You are a great step mom! How does the boys Dad feel about this, or is it your little secret?

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