Daughter and Dildo

This morning when I went to our daughter for waking her up as I do each day, I pulled open the curtains and when I looked down on my daughter, I froze. What I did not see, when I came in the dark room, she was naked and she was on top of the Blanket. But that's not what made me freeze. Her legs were a bit spread and I could see the End of (I think one of my) dildoes looking out of her vagina. I did not know, what to do. And I've had mixed feelings about it at all. Has she already lost her virginity? She's short after her 13th birthday. Or did she do it herself with the toy? I did not know, what to think (and what to do). I went outide and knocked on her door until she answered. I think, I must talk to her!

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  • Talk to her about it, talk about masturbating, it's natural and i think she is still a virgin but exploring her body, finding what she likes and her turn on's, she will at that age, even buy her her own vibrator, trust her and she will be open to you forever and she won't be ashamed, don't get angry at her, it's only natural for any teen girl to explore

  • Very good advice

  • You should have pulled it out of her tight pussy and gave it a good licking, then slid it back inside her while you gently sucked on her little clitoris.

  • Find out if one of yours if so replace it with new one and note saying happy private b day i pretty sure u are going to love presents i got you...i'd buy her 2 ...one that vibrates soft or hard plastic the other one realistic cock suction cup and size...8-10 inches long and 5" around

  • It will be fine mom. I bought my daughter a large full life like dildo for her 13th birthday, and showed her the best way to use it for the most pleasure. Taking her virginity in the process. Heck I lost my virginity at the age of 11 to a hair brush.

  • That's so hot 🔥 x

  • Would you like to be dped

  • Raging hormones mom don't you remember yourself at that age? She didn't do anything wrong. Don't get all hung up on the virginity thing. If you are then just remember it wasn't the real thing it was a toy.

  • Not sure what the problem is, other than maybe you need to buy her her own dildo, if you don't want her using yours.
    If you don't allready know, most all teenagers and many preteens masterbate, nothing wrong with it, and you can't stop it. It would be very appropriate for you to talk with her about sex and masterbation, and make sure she understands the risks involved with sex, pregnancy, HIV, and the dozen or so STDs out there. And most certainly, don't be angry with her for masterbating.

  • Good advice

  • Ask her if she has any questions

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