Do any other women have really sensitive nipples?

I have very sensitive ones as well as the areolae around them, the first time I started noticing how sensitive they were was around middle school. If I do not wear a bra they are constantly erect from the material moving across them.
The first few times my first serious boyfriend got to touch them it felt like electricity shooting down the front of my torso and when he would lick and suck on them it was more intense. They are like little switches to turn me on because when they are played with the warmth begins building and the juices start flowing!
My husband loves this and will give them plenty of attention as foreplay, the first time he saw them and began touching and caressing them he was amazed at how erect they got. He tells me they are almost an inch long and very lovely.

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  • I’m the same too, and I am a guy. I rub mine whenever I can.

  • My wife is the same way. Her pussy gets dripping wet when I suck on her nipples. She can actually orgasm from it, without even touching her pussy.

  • My wife is like this. Her nipples stand up without even touching them, I can be licking her clit and her nipples firm up. That's how I know she's turned on.

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