Sister's In Law Hot Nude Body

My gf's sister is hot. I haven't noticed it the first time that I saw her but man, I don't mean to be possessive or anything, but I want them both for myself. I started flirting her by kissing her in the chick when my gf's not around, hitting her ass and asking for a kiss, she sometimes get mad but she doesn't seem to tell my gf about these things. I love my gf, but because we're living in one roof, my attraction to her sister is getting stronger, especially when after school, her sister wears only cycling, I can see the shape of her ass. I'm not a pervert or anything but, damn, seeing her virgin teen body everyday gets me aroused .My gfs sister is 18 years old and I always wanted to see her naked (Just by comparison). So one time, when we moved to a new house, my gf's family and I were living together. I left my phone in the bathroom and pretend that I forgot it (I've done this so many times and failed). I recorded my sister showering, an oh boi. I'm surprised that beneath her little bra is a woman's tits. Now that may be a bad idea, because now I want her more than ever.

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