My mom's a porn star

Holy shit. I just found out my mom was, and maybe still is, a porn actress. I was checking out some fuck vids on an online porn site last night, when I saw a lady in a pic that looked just like my mom. I clicked on the video and nearly shit my drawers. It was my mom, looked like from maybe 10 years ago. She was getting double penetrated by two buck kneegrows who were hung like horses. At first I hoped maybe it was just someone that looked exactly like my mom, but her voice, and her facial expressions were undeniably her. I spent the rest of the night trying to find other videos of her, and found about 20 more clips with her, some of which look pretty recent, doing MILF porn.
Now I don"t know what to think. My parents are both upstanding, well respected church going, people in our small town. I have no idea if my father knows. I don't know if I should ask mom about it, or tell my dad, or just pretend like I don't know. One thing I do know for sure, I wacked off to my mom last night and had the best orgasm of my life. I shot my load all over the computer screen watching mom swallow a huge load from two men at the same time. I'm pretty sure I'm going to Hell now, but I don't really care, I'm pretty sure mom will be right there with me if I do.

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  • Well go to hell and tell us about it

  • That doesn't even make sense

  • Those vids will be on line for ever, your neighbours will know because those so called respected religous church going people watch porn they dare not say anything, My job is fixing PC problems and the number of people who watch porn you wouldent believe, some don't bother to delete there browsing history,
    they knoe I cant say anything because of customer confidentiality.

  • I did one of those image searches of my wife and found the usual Facebook pics of her and one where she's getting fucked. It's from maybe 3-5 years ago-- we're married 20. Looks like a motel room with fake smoke alarm /hidden camera. She does girls vacation every summer and I had a good idea she gets laid -- she takes condoms. We have an open marriage light -- don't screw locals. So she had a hall pass, but that hidden camera sorta defeats the purpose doing it on the hush. I know there is a way to get your embarrassing photos off the internet. Got to look into that. It was a real clean cut younger guy having his way with her -- no tattoos - $50 haircut. Ehhh WTF

  • Is your wife still attractive, and were your wife and the other guy, really getting into their fucking? Did it make you horny watching?

  • She's still very attractive. It's a still picture with her on the bottom, missionary position. He's thrusting deep insider her -- so you really can't see dick or pussy. her face is as clear as a portrait and it's a look of enjoyment.. It's a turn on in the sense that any MILF getting it is. But I'm obviously mostly pissed that it's out there. I trust that she made him put on one of her condoms she takes.I don't judge what she does unless she get caught. We're still a loving couple 95% of the time. That one week a year she's free to do what she wants. I tried to have her think back as to it where it taken. She'll just say she's sure her partner wasn't in on it -- married nice guy with lots to lose.
    The other guy saying "yes" is an imposter.

  • Wow, thanks for all the info.

  • Yes

  • I found some old videos of my mom and dad that turned out to be recordings of them having sex. As I watched my mom, I suddenly became hard. She had quite the body then, and still does actually. I couldn't resist jacking off to my mom getting fucked. I feel guilty because now I want to fuck my mom.

  • I hope you get the opportunity

  • I came across a VHS vid of my mom when she was 22. I discovered it by snooping around in her bedroom. It was before she met my dad, and it's with some friends of hers. Cigarettes and fast food have taken away her looks these days, but back in 1994 she was gorgeous. In the video she fucks 2 guys and was athletic af. I've stroked out gallons to that video.

  • I'd love to sh*g my mum! Thought about it loads.

  • Loads

  • Yeah definitely. Number one fantasy

  • Mommy son is the hottest sex there is no worries

  • Definitely! I love it

  • Imo its a mommys duty to be giving regular handjobs by age 8, then blowjobs immediately after the first ejaculation. maybe too young for most, but for me it was amazing. the hottest sex

  • Too young. I would say it should be the teenage years for sexual interactions begin.

  • Why do you think it is too young?

  • I think girl/boy should be at an age where puberty has at least started. Eg a girl starting her periods would be a natural sign that she is ready for sex. With boys it is slightly different. Around 13 I think is acceptable.

  • Fair enough

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  • If you stop huffing the spray paint for a while, you might regain a little coherency in your ramblings, provided you have any functional brain cells left.

  • Lmao

  • Buck kneegrows? Racist much?

  • Only because he is white trash

  • My mom isn't porn star, but she dresses like one for me whenever I want her too.

  • That is so hot, being able to jackoff while watching your mother getting fucked! I would definitely have them on your computer to show your mom when you ask her about things. I would assume she still is attractive since you busted your best nut ever? Find out if your dad knows, which hopefully is a no, so you can blackmail her into some pussy for yourself.

  • Ask her for a blowjob and say otherwise you will tell dad 👌

  • Fake, you would post a link if real

  • Yeah, like you would post links so everyone could see your mother getting plugged like a cheap whore?

  • Does your mum do incest videos

  • Links, please...

  • You should ask your mom if that is her in the vids

  • Sauce?

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