Addicted to Panties

I took her (fresh) dirty panties from her room to my bedroom and turned them inside out. I put them over my head to where the stained cotton crotch rests over my nose. I stroke my cock vigorously as i take countless long sniffs. I can smell her pussy, her ass and even some piss. After a while i cant stand it and put the tiny cotton crotch in my mouth and i start sucking on the fabric. OMG i can taste her pussy now. I'm practically chewing on the panties getting as much flavor out as possible. I keep going until i cum massive spurts. I put the panties back in where i found them. .... and now i wait until i have the opportunity to do it again.

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  • My 1st my 8 year old sister ! 9, 10 11 , my aunt's, my sister in LAWS G string , while my wife was in her room asleep, another aunt , many many people I did work in their house ! Every age from , 8 up ! The best was a 11 year olds , right after she took them off to shower , I was in there masterbating to her , smelling them , licking them ! I love them , but most girls and women's panties suck ! G strings are o.k. satin string bikini the best ! My wife LET'S ME wear hers ! Sometimes she wants me to wear them !

  • OP here. I was able to do it again. This time i found green panties with pink trim. They were still entangled with her pants as i search for pussy stains. I find them.. the aroma is strong. I take them and go to my bedroom. I sniff and sniff as i jack off to her smell. I cannot resist, she hotter than my wife. The smell is even better than my wife's actual pussy (not really, but at the moment it feels like it. in that moment i would forsaken everything to have a newer, hotter, tighter version of my wife). I want to fuck her just like i fuck her mother. Tied to the bed, blindfolded with clamps on her nipples, labia and clit. I cum hard thinking of her while smelling her sweet pussy. Then i did something that i've never thought of until that moment. I collected my jizz in a bowl and i poured half of it into the coffee pot, some i mixed with the strawberry jelly that went on her toast, and the rest i mixed into the raw eggs before cooking them for her. I sat there with my rock hard cock watching her as she drank and ate food mixed with my cum. She is so pretty, and now she has eaten my sperm. Maybe she'll be like her mother one day and enjoy the taste of my cum (guys.. you need to eat pineapple, it'll make your cum taste better to women). I jacked off 3 times that morning, and fucked my wife that evening while thinking of her daughter's aroma and cum feeding. Can't wait to do it again.

  • I have done the same thing with my sister-in-laws panties. She stayed with us for a few days and I wasn't working at the time. Everyday after she and my wife left for work I would go and find her panties. There was a pair one day that smelled so perfect. I draped them over my head but had the crotch part on my lips so I could feel and smell them. I masturbated like that for a while and then took the crotch into my mouth and sucked the crotch almost completely clean. The taste and feel of them was so perfect. I now yearn to taste her pussy.

  • Just buy your own you queer cunt

  • You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Yes I do, your the queer cunt here, buy your own you cheap prick

  • Panties are for loosers. You need to go straight to the source, get her to squat that thing on your face while you stroke one out, and if you're lucky, she'll let you enter her hot, wet pleasure hole.

  • Nothing better than stinky pussy mmm

  • I agree. Nothing better than finding panties with a stained crotch. The smell is invigorating. I love used teen panties.

  • A dirty stained rear panel full of skid marks would be heaven.

  • That sounds so fucking hot! Please describe how her asshole smells.

  • That was so fucking hot I jerked off and came so much it splattered me in my own face! Warm cum feels great

  • OP here. It smelled wonderful. It has a sweet smell to it. There was no shit streaks but the area definitely smelled of ass... but it was so fucking sweet, like if she only farted that day and left a hint of her hole. I'm hard thinking of aroma. Thank you.

  • So fucking hot! My cock twitched when I read about her farting into her cute panties . Thank you.

  • Haha my cock twitched when I read the word panties

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