Addicted to Panties

I took her (fresh) dirty panties from her room to my bedroom and turned them inside out. I put them over my head to where the stained cotton crotch rests over my nose. I stroke my cock vigorously as i take countless long sniffs. I can smell her pussy, her ass and even some piss. After a while i cant stand it and put the tiny cotton crotch in my mouth and i start sucking on the fabric. OMG i can taste her pussy now. I'm practically chewing on the panties getting as much flavor out as possible. I keep going until i cum massive spurts. I put the panties back in where i found them. .... and now i wait until i have the opportunity to do it again.

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  • Nothing better than stinky pussy mmm

  • I agree. Nothing better than finding panties with a stained crotch. The smell is invigorating. I love used teen panties.

  • That sounds so fucking hot! Please describe how her asshole smells.

  • OP here. It smelled wonderful. It has a sweet smell to it. There was no shit streaks but the area definitely smelled of ass... but it was so fucking sweet, like if she only farted that day and left a hint of her hole. I'm hard thinking of aroma. Thank you.

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