Teaching a girl how to swim

We went swimming into the swimming pool in the backyard. It was a hot day. One of the girls asked me if I could teach her how to swim. I said yes of course. She came to me in the water. I grabbed her soft body in my hands and held her gently in the water in swimming position. I held her belly and thighs with my hands while she went through the swimming motions. She was a cute chubby girl. I led my hand to move between her soft legs when they opened up and cupped her sweet spot with my hand. It was baby soft. I held her securely but comfortably. My other hand I moved towards her chest. It was great to fondle her budding breasts. She kept asking me to teach her how to swim. So I kept teaching her how to do it. Sometimes I would put her on her back to swim in that position. I let my hand glide along her lower back to her butt cheeks. Sometimes I squeezed them as well. I kept rubbing her as good and much as I could without the others noticing it. The others were playing in the water with each other. This gave me lots of opportunities to fondle her. Went at it an entire afternoon. When it was time to get dressed the other two kids were still inside the pool but we were already changing into our clothes. Its then that I could see her cute little coin slot. I decided to give her a couple more good rubs before the others came to get dressed.


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