What the fuck is wrong with me?

So I got married to my beautiful wife 4 years ago. I dated her for about 3 years before. Never in my life have I ever thought about watching her with another person. About 4 months ago we went to a party where everyone was pretty drunk. I was drunk, wife was drunk, and this guy we know was drunk. I was sitting on the couch across from my wife when this guys came in and sat next to my wife. He leaned in and kissed my wife and started rubbing her tits under her shirt. She clearly liked it and was kissing him back. She was rubbing his cock through his jeans while I watched. He starting to unbutton my wife's pants when she stopped him. Nothing further happened and we went home. Now that I'm sober and thinking about you would think I should be pissed, but it's the opposite. I find my dick gets really hard when I think about it, and even find myself wishing they had gone further and fucked. I haven't told my wife that I want her to fuck him. Probably because I can't understand why I could possibly find this arousing. Why is my cock getting hard as fuck when I think about it?

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  • My wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. Can be like sleep walking. NO inhibitions, VERY open to suggestions, and NO memory. She has no idea I have these videos, much less have posted her and actively share her pussy. Haven't shared her like this but thinking of letting a guy taste her pussy and cum on her like this. Here is a vid I have posted of her pussy when she took her Ambien. My email is wifesvideos@yahoo.com if you would like to see more and perhaps hook up. https://www.slutload.com/video/playing-with-passed-out-wife/

  • I remember the first time I saw my wife fucking someone. We were at a party. My wife was wearing a shirt little dress with no panties. I remember her putting panties on but I convinced her to go without. She had stepped out back on the deck, dont really know why. I was standing in the kitchen getting another beer and I looked out the window to see this guy who I didn't know touching my wife. I watched as she backed up against the railing while this guy got between her legs. He lifted up one of her legs, unzipped his pants, and shoved his dick in her pussy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing but it made me horny. I let her fuck him several more times after that. She still brings home a different guy ever once in awhile.

  • As a women if I was at the party with you, and some random guy starts kissing and touching me, it’s because I wanted him too, and must certainly I would’ve fucked him too if you don’t stop it

  • Sounds like a really hot scenario. I got hard just reading it. You should tell your wife. Maybe it could happen for real.

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