She’s perfect, sexy but married, you can have her once, tonight;

Imagine the sexiest woman you can think of. ...but she’s married! Circumstances have placed you together alone. She is willing.
It’ll be one and done. You’ll never see her again.

WHAT do you do? Tell the details!
Wives, would you? Tell us!

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  • It’s pretty simple. I’d do everything in my power to knock her up.

  • I’m good with that! Seriously. How’d it feel to know your the roots of your family tree are planted in another guy’s wife?

  • I was lucky enough to have this happen with a coworker and have never said a word to anyone. Our company is based overseas so twice a year we have business trips to headquarters, last year "Lisa" went, she is married with three kids and you would never know it looking at her. We all checked into the hotel and her and I ended up getting on the elevator together, she asked what room I was in then got off at her floor. It was probably ten minutes after I was in my room and the phone rang, I figured it was the front desk asking me if my room is fine so I did not answer it but it rang again like two minutes later so I picked it up. It was Lisa, she asked me if she could stay in my room with me because she did not like being alone in a hotel. I was a little shocked and the only thing I could think to say was there was only one bed, she answered with perfect and five minutes later there was a knock on the door.
    We were there for five days and had sex every night, best sex of my life, I picture her naked just about everyday pushed against my torso with my cock buried into her. She loved being on the edge of the bed with her ass in the air and getting it from behind, I would stare down at her perfect ass with my hands gripping her hips and my cock going in and out watching her pussy lips flex around it. I licked her any chance I got for as long as I could, she tasted so sweet and was always soaking wet when I finished.

  • Wow. My wife’s job requires much travel. I hope she’s having your kind of fun.

  • These days it’s kinda hard with social media and all, unless it’s just a one nighter. My husband Paul and I were moving to Colorado, since both sides of the family was there already. At the going away party we had I had mentioned I wish I seen more of the city. On the last day before I was to fly, one of the neighbors son (Jason) came and said he was taking me out, hubby had flown ahead with the kids. From 8am we had breakfast, toured the city, even flown around the city in a helicopter, lunch at a rooftop bar, dinner at a 5 star restaurant, which he went out and bought me a dress and shoes to wear. I was used to fast food, Jason took me everywhere I had wanted to visit and more. We ended the tour at Rockefeller center looking over the city. 40 years of living in NY and I never visited these places. The thought of having sex with him never crossed my mind until he brought me home and I asked how I could thank him, he simply said, a hug and the clothes that you are wearing would do just fine, plus the clothes from this morning, jokingly I said wow you don’t want my panties? He replied I’ll take those too. I invited him in to wait while I give him what he requested, as I was getting undressed the thought just hit me, he wants a milf, I’ll give him a milf, I told him we’ve been out all day let’s take a shower, we kissed, and played with each other while washing each other, afterwards heading to the air mattress I asked if he had a condom he said he wanted me raw, and that he wanted to fill me up. I gave him his wish, sex is sex, nothing more to say about it. The morning going to the airport I stopped for plan b. I have him on social media

  • That is so cool. For us guys, see how a little kindness goes a long way with women? ...your husband is luckier than he imagines!

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