Should I poke a needle hole in my wife’s “emergency condom”?

So my gorgeous and extremely amorous wife keeps a condom in her purse. I discovered it when we stayed overnight unexpectedly due to a snowstorm. One thing led to another and she proudly grabbed her purse and pulled out a rubber. We banged like animals.

Then it occurred to me that it was odd that she had a rubber for me. I’m ususlly in charge of this. Later I opened her purse to find a rubber. I carefully tore a rip. Not enough to unseal the contents but enough to identify the wrapped. I checked it a few times and it was the same wrapper. Then, a few weeks later, it was a different one.

My wife has cheated before. I actually am turned on by it BIG time! But she finds by excitement disgusting.

I want to poke a tiny hole all the way through her emergency condom. And say nothing. If she gets pregnant that’s cool! I love kids and want more!
...what’s the downside, right?

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  • Even if she's fucking around she should be in control of what is growing in her uterus or not. You are an asshole. Big time. Fuck you.

  • I’m not clear - is that yes or no?

  • No I wouldn't do that.She's a cheat but at least she's staying safe and plus you don't know who she's fucking so an unplanned pregnancy might not be so great and holes in condoms also cause stds.

  • Hell yeah

  • Thanks

  • Seriously.. who really uses condoms anymore? After my 4 kids I had my tubes tired. I am not faithful at all, I have multiple partners, none of which ever took out a condom. Even my one nighters not one took out a condom.

  • Very true. Most men like the feel of a warm, wet vagina wrapped around their cock. Wearing a condom is like fucking a rubber blow-up doll, or a tire.

  • So, poke a hole it it or no?

  • Poke away, if you want. Getting knocked up should be the least of your worries, contracting Aids or some other STD should be your biggest concern.

  • She stopped taking the pill bc it makes her sick.

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