I Fucked my Brother

One day, I was watching a movie and I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom. My brother was playing with himself and for the first time, I saw his dick. It was around 13-15 inches long. Our eyes met and in an act of pure mindlessness, I grabbed it. (I'm a girl). My brother got up and locked the door. then for the next 30-45 minutes, it was just sucking and fucking. he and I cummed about 11 times each. This went on for about 2 years. Then one day, I went to the hospital for a checkup and I was pregnant. I went to my brother's room and told him the news. He kissed me and said "it's gonna be all right" we then fucked for about an hour when suddenly, my mom walked in. We were screwed. I haven't seen my brother since my parents disowned me and my brother.

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  • Now I am sure this is really wishful thinking and actually did not happen

  • Really? Because the world record for longest erect penis is 13.5 inches. I just laugh everytime someone says they have a larger penis than that. No, no you dont. Now go get another hot pocket from mommy, junior.

  • Go do your homework scooter

  • More like 13-15 cm long....

  • Lmao 2 years later your knocked up, what a bs story lmao

  • I think you of exaggerated a little in regards to your brother's cock! But if there is any truth to your confession, I think your mother should reacted differently and supported you both. My mum found my sister's underwear in my bed as well as condom rappers. So it obvious what was happening. She said she wasn't happy but asked us to be discreet and carry on using birth control, which I thought was a great reaction. I think society needs to accept that this happens and it actually ok if precautions are taken. Perhaps pregnancy wouldn't of occurred if you were allowed to be open about you and your brother.

  • Why would you fuck your sister? I mean cousin maybe, but sister? Am I missing something here? Because I have never ever looked at my sister in a sexual way.

  • Why wouldn't I? I see no problem with this at all. We have always been very close and we have been careful. For us it's fun and it just works. What's so bad about it?

  • Since the beginning of time man has fucked his own sisters and in some cases their own mother. Typically it was because men controlled everything, including all the women in the family. Today that isn't the case, but men still fantasize about dominating the women in their life. Hence the stories of continued female dominance. I have no doubt incest still exists today, just not as prevalent as it used to be.

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