Jacking off

I am a masterbator
I live to go places and let women and sometimes men see my playing with my dick
I especially like to see them acting like they ain't watching while they get hoter as my dick gets bigger
Some loom even harder ehen I moan at the beginning of climax
I want them to see my cum shooting out of my erect dick
I really love it when they show me their dick it tits or finger and Jack off themselves

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  • I've found that return flashing is very rare, and the exception rather than the rule. Certainly, it happens more often in a male cruising situation. One of the very few times a woman has returned flashed, for me, was on a cruise ship at a very crowded pool party. I exposed my erection to a young lady who seemed quite intoxicated, and she flashed her tits and pussy back at me. The other was an older woman who lived next door to me. I would masturbate in front of a plate glass window, when it was dark outside, usually early morning. She eventually began flashing me back, first her tits, then, her hairy pussy. We never hooked up.

  • Weirdo

  • Eat shit & die

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