Told wifey I was going to show our sex vids to our friends.

I told my wife I had in the past showed my best friend her explicit nude pics and I watched him jack off over her until he came. At the time he or had never seen her naked and like everyone I know is dying to. She looked at me very surprised then I told her I want to show the rest of our friends now. She said no I don't want you to with her blue eyes very wide and startled. Since the time I did that somehow I got her to loosen up enough to be go to nudist clubs and hang out naked with our friends. She is still shy about it, won't fool around with
people hitting on her and makes sure her legs are kept closed at the club pool so you really can't see her pussy.

I asked her last week to do some vids for me to jack off to which she has no problem doing. Between those and the ones we took long ago I'm really fired up about showing them to our friends. I want them all to see her getting fucked and sucking me. I want them all to see those close ups of her cream pied pussy and ass hole. I told her I was going to show our friends and in a soft voice said no. I said I am going to at least show my buddy. She said nothing.

This morning when I was fucking her I mentioned it again and that I wanted him to see her ass hole and getting fucked. She said well he's already seen me. It wasn't till later on in the day it occurred his wife will throw a shit storm as they tell each other everything.

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  • I found some old VHS videos my mom and dad fucking in the attic. They had to have been made when I was very young. They fucked in various positions, and I got real horny. I jacked off watching my mom getting fucked. In her early forties, my mom is still very attractive. I stole the old vids, and beat my meat watching them often. Now I want to fuck my mom.

  • My wife was offered $500 to pose for a local photographer. He was putting together a boudoir photo brochure. Many of the shots she was nude but holding a satin sheet barely covering her. He wanted me nearby to make to make her feel comfortable and prompt her to look sexy. He was a really cool guy. He asked if we wanted some Playboy like shots. He give us copies, pay another $500 and he'd use them only to promote himself to Playboy and like magazines. I'm like I'm not sure. He said they never can get published unless we approved and get paid again. So I asked her. She goes 'ehhh bring it on, I'll do it--I'm naked anyway.' She was so hot I wanted to fuck her right there . She got 10 offers, took none her mom would kill her. Photographer said more were interested but didn't use married women. This was 1979 -- We're in our 60's and hardly a week goes by we don't look at them nudies and glamor shots.
    Young wives, pose for Playboy ish photos. Only do it for a keeper.

  • I am going back a lot of years in the days of polaroid cameras, we and a camera and so did our friends, we openly talked about our sex lives and what our preferences were and we talked about the porn pictures we had takes of each other, one Saturday my friend called when my wife was out, he showed me porn shots of his wife when he looked at them I could tell he was he was excited I could see the bulge in his pants he asked me if minded if he got his dick out, I admit I was excited about it even more so when he pulled it out and started wanking while looking at the picks, I did the same and we wanked each other off, I confessed to me wife

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