Ex colleague with amazing ass

I used to work with a colleague who always wore tiny skirts and high heels to the office. Whenever she got up from her desk I’d find an excuse to follow her so I could discreetly take photos or a video on my phone of her bum/legs to masturbate too that night! Over months I got hundreds of videos and thousands of photos of her to jerk off to. I still masturbate hard to her now, imagining having anal sex with her or wanking my cum all over her shaved fanny as she calls me a pervert!

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  • I love a woman with a nice ass. I just wanna lift up their skirt and pull down their panties and eat their ass. Then I want to stick my cock up their ass and fill it with cum.

  • I’ve upskirted the hot women at work and jerked to them. I use my laptop bag, put my phone in the side pocket with video recording started, the lens pointing upward from the bag. I’ll hit record and walk up behind a woman, start a conversation with the bag hanging from below recording up their skirt. I’ve got some great videos and they’ve never even looked down to see the phone there and if they do it looks pretty normal to have a phone in the side pocket of the bag.

  • We have a young 20yo admin girl in our office at work, it was heaven when we all had a office re-vamp as she now sits across from me facing away. in the summer it was tight blouse where you could see her bra and tight pencil skirts.
    now as its getting colder shes been wearing high heeled boots, leather pencil skirt and tight/stockings. when she leans over to get things from her desk she sticks her gorgeous ass in the air and always bends at the waist. i too have sneaked several pictures on my phone of her leather cladded ass. good wank material although i would love the real thing

  • Only sluts wear leather like that

  • You don't have a chance

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