I've been fucking my step sister for years

I have a step sister named Natalie as of now she's 16 and I'm 18. My Dad has been with their Mom since she was 6 and I was 8 she lived with them, I didn't. I'd go over and visit a lot though and we became close, ever since I was about 10 I started feeling attracted and connected to her. Shes got dark hair, striking blue eyes, cute freckles, full soft lips, she developed a slim but full and nice body already. Her thighs are juicy but smooth and perfect, she's got the nicest little bubble butt, it's pudgy and has nice firm shape. In the past few years she went from an A cup to a D and they are super nice as well. When I was 14 and she was 12 I ended up moving in with my Dad. They owned a 2 bedroom house and decided to have their two teenage kids of the opposite sex sleep in the same room. Natalie wasn't weirded out about it at all. She was actually almost excited cause she had never had a sibling before. Us living together made my sexual frustration through the roof. She always looked so good, would wear shorts and no bra every night. I started copping a subtle feel every chance I'd get when we'd be playing around I'd "accidentally" touch her ass or boobs quickly. But I really wanted her and it was starting to consume me.
Eventually one night I woke up to use the bathroom and Natalie was asleep on the top bunk. She was laying on her stomach with the blankets thrown off of her. She was wearing these short shorts where her nice little butt was poking out. I got both nervous and excited at the idea. I shook her saying "Nat" as if I was actually trying to wake her up and she didn't stir. So I slowly and softly grab her butt it felt so good. She was the first girl who I ever touched. I grabbed her ass by the handful, rubbed it, pinched the part poking out softly for literally hours. I pulled her shorts up more so most of her cheeks were out and I played with it. It felt so damn good she was so soft and juicy. Eventually she moved and I retreated to my bunk and fell asleep. She never said anything or acted weird so I kept doing it.

The next night I waited intently for Nat to fall asleep then got up to check and she was out. This time she was laying on her side. I gently rubbed her hips and legs just admiring how smooth and gorgeous she really was. I gently touched her boob and it was amazing also first boobs I ever touched. She was wearing no bra and I felt her boobs forever they were so soft and firm probably b cups at the time. I pulled her shirt up some so I could feel her bare boobs they were so subtle and warm but then she moved and I ducked into my bunk. Again nothing was said she didn't act weird.

So this became my ritual staying up late and touching her every night. I was so tired at school but getting to touch a girl was crazy for me. It got to where I would pull up her shirt and touch her boobs or pull her shorts down and play with her butt. I'd softly kiss her warm big lips but that would usually make her stir. I would feel her ass or boobs with one hand and jerk off with another and then go to sleep. This went on for months and months she never said anything.

Probably a year or so into me living with them she started dating this kid in the neighborhood. I hated him, he was a little fuck boy and yeah, I was jealous. I'd make every excuse not to let them be alone, But sometimes they did. One night she started telling me about how she let him touch her boobs and started asking me about kissing.
"How do you like, make out? I don't think I'm doing it right" I started explaining the concept and I jokingly asked her to practice on her pillow. We laugjed as she did it seeing her do this made me want her so bad. I suddenly just blurted out "you can practice on me too if you want" I chuckled acting like I was joking. Then she says "really?" And my heart dropped. "Uh yeah if you want" I stuttered. "Are you serious?" She asks. "Yeah, for real if you want" I was extremely nervous at this point. She started asking me a bunch of questions like "but won't I be cheating" and I told her it was just me and it's just practice for fun. "Our parents would be really mad if they found out" I told her it could be our secret and we never tell anyone. We both nervously just sat there not saying anything for a second and then she says "okay, so can we do that?" My heart skipped a beat as I say yeah and scoot close to her. "Okay so how do we do this? Show me" I take her arms and put them around my shoulders. She nervously smiled and I'll never forget how gorgeous she looked. I put my hand on her cheek and kissed her. It felt so warm and welcoming and magical honestly. I pulled back and her beautiful blue eyes were staring back at me like a puppy. I kissed her again and again and it was so nice to feel that connection with her. Her lips were wet and kind of sloppy which was adorable and felt so nice. I explained how to use tongue and we tried it and it was so good. She tasted amazing and her tongue felt so sexy and amazing. I asked if she knew about neck kissing and she said she'd never done it. I brushed her hair aside and softly kissed her neck. She grabbed the back of my head and I lightly sucked on her neck, she let out the sexiest small moan. We made out for probably over an hour.

A few days later I asked her if we can do it again and she said yes. We started doing this all the time. We would wait until night and only do it in our room. We started being very intimate, holding hands, she'd sit on my lap while I touched her hips and thighs, and on some nights we'd cuddle in bed. She wasn't dating that kid anymore and it basically became like we were together. Our parents had no idea or acted suspicious the entire time.

After a month or so of this she started letting me touch her ass and boobs. That summer was pretty great for me. Eventually she finally asked "so are we like together? I know we have to keep it a secret but we're like boyfriend and girlfriend right?" I told her of course and we were together from then on. We started doing fingerbanging, handjobs, and oral for months in secret and I was really happy with her. I think she was too honestly.
She was basically my first real girlfriend we did everything with each other. Eventually we did move and got seperate rooms. But we would just sneak to each others rooms. Eventually we took each other's virginity when our parents were gone for a weekend. It was honestly beautiful and really pure. She and I were dating for over a year, when one night she had come to my room and we had sex and were cuddling afterward and we accidentally fell asleep. We woke up to her Mom screaming bloody murder at us. Nat tried to say she accidentally fell asleep when we were watching a movie. But she was in her panties and our parents weren't buying it. Her Mom wanted to kick me out but my Dad wouldn't. They never let either of us out of their sight from then on. My Dad grilled me about it extensively, told me how wrong it was yada yada. We both had to do counseling where our parents told them what had happened. When me and Nat did get the chance to talk alone she would just cry and hug me. Tell me she was sorry and she misses me holding her. It broke my heart not only had we destroyed our family we really were each others first young "Love."
Eventually our parents quit watching us so closely and so we started having sex again when we could. Finally a few months ago she told me she didn't wanna do this anymore and it was wrong. I was so hurt and confused she's all I've ever known. She started dating boys has had like 3 boyfriends in the months since then. While she was dating one of them I came on to her, she didn't want to but gave in. After that she told me she Loves me but we can't do it anymore and she'll have to tell her Mom if I do it again. So I think now it's really over, the whole situation is so fucked and I'm honestly heartbroken about it. Next fall I'm going to college so I suppose it's time to move on from my ex/step sister. The whole thing has fucked us both up irreparably


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  • I'm so sorry it didn't work out happily for you, as it did for me. My brother and I have been living together since we were little. We are now in our early forties. After our parents died and we were in our late teens we decided to set up home together. We were students and been having a loving sexual relationship for some years, so when we bought a flat, we moved in as partners and no one was any the wiser.
    We have always been aware of pregnancy risks and take precautions, I suggest anyone reading this does the same!!
    We have a fantastic sexual relationship, my brother is like a "bull", well built, fit and with a massive manhood. I have no desire to have anyone else.

  • It should be legalized!! And you should be allowed to marry!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your life together.

  • I had a boob fetish, still do, and my step sister had really nice boobs. She was two years older than me and at the house she’d walk around with no bra and short shorts etc and it really turned me on. I started peeking at her in the shower through a hole in the wall that was adjacent to my bedroom. And I would peek in on her bedroom window as well. When she started dating and coming home drunk she’d get sloppy. She’d leave her door open at night and I’d go in and she’d be asleep, smelling of alcohol, and I’d lift the sheets to see her boobs and panties underneath. I got brave and started touching her lightly, and pulling her top up. I knew she was sexually active, she wasn’t a virgin and had at least two or three serious boyfriends by her senior year. She came home very drunk and not able to walk all the way to the bedroom, being helped by her boyfriend one night, as my parents slept. They made so much noise I woke up and he left. She was in her bed. I was in my room. And I worked up the nerve. I went in, pulled up the covers and she still had the dress she wore out that night, when I lifted it she had no panties on! Her vagina was really wet and she was really passed out. I fingered her lightly and she made no response. I put my bare tip against her lips and no response. I slid it in and no response. I had sex with her and came in her then got a towel and dried her up. She never said a thing. She was my first.

  • Had something similar when i was growing up with my stepsister, our parents where foolish enough to have us share a holiday apartment next to theirs on a two week family holiday in spain. needless to say by the second night, a young 16 and 17yo being so close together after being able to drink at 16 in spain. we spent every night screwing each other stupid. even in the day we went at it. i was very lucky never to get her pregnant as we never used condoms and must have done it over 40times. how our parents never smelt to smell of sex and spunk in the room i will never know

  • Good for you. I went to Spain with my sister and we were at it like rabbits. Incest is legal in Spain so needless to say we go on holiday alot!

  • I don't need to go to Spain to fuck Angela my sister . since Gerard my dad died in may 2019 and my mum Myrtle died in sept 2019 me and my sister always at my house in school st llanbradach south Wales UK .my name is gareth.hyde

  • Looking back on it, it was one my fondest moments. she spent most the holiday oozing spunk. everytime i i went to fuck her again it was like pushing into a silky wet tight pussy. so much spunk oozing out of her. now shes married with kids but worth it

  • Did you eve have her again? or just on holiday?

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