Secret slut.

Im 22M I guess I'm pansexual. I had only been with one guy and he was way older then me , but I was soo Cock hungry, we had a 69 nd he let me fuck him, haven't told anyone that I'm pan. I was getting that craving again and I went to a bar at a hotel. I met this guy, we talked for 3 hours, and he asked if I wanted to meet his husband. Idk if he figured it out but I wasn't giving any clear sighs. I told him no , then he got closer and kissed my neck nd whispered how he wanted to share me with his man. I Got rock hard when I heard that, after some convincing, I went up with him and met up with his husband 6,0 was probably 30, fit pretty dam hot. They asked me if I wanted to smoke some weed , I said sure. It was so weird within like 5 mins guy 1 was on his knees sucking guy2 dick while he rolled a blunt , not gonna lie I got up so quick when he asked if I wanted to give it a thing I know we were drinking nd fouling around, my pants were off , and I shit you not. I Think i got drugged, I dont remember much after drinking and I've never blacked out before. I remember Getting up a couple of times , but when my work alarm(10am) rang i woke up, my legs felt sore, and I had a bruises on my thighs nd hickeys on my neck, my dick was sticking to my leg, I was soo thirsty I went to the sink and butt naked and I saw them just sitting on the sofa eating some food. Guy 2 came up behind me while was drinking and smacked my ass, I felt his hand stick to my butt idk why but that turned me on even tho my ass felt so numb, he asked me how I was doing(while feeling me up) , he wanted to know if I was hungry , it was awkward idk what was going on just that my head hurt nd I just wanted to sleep... but they definitely hid my clothes because I didn't see them anywhere. So I awkwardly ate some eggs , after I just got up told em I was gonna go shower nd i asked em if they could bring me a towel, which was kinda of a mistake cause I ended up getting spit roasted in the tub,....yeahh, last thing... I checked my phone and it turns out they both fucked my ass at the same time the night before they took a video on my phone find out literally 2 weeks later. Not gonna lie, even tho it was REALLY 1 sided , enjoyed being used ,plus having my first 3 some and 6in in my ass pounding me while I sucked on his husband's 7in it was so hot I came super hard I just wish he would've let me swallow, but he shot it on my face. Regardless, I enjoyed it. Atleast this time.. im definitely gonna be 100% more careful tho..just had fo share just incase.

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  • Sounds like you had a wild night. That’s great just be careful.

  • Man, please try harder to NOT wind up in the bottom of a dumpster.

  • Wow. Fucking hot.

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