Sometimes my ass hole gets wet

I've never let any of my friends know this but, I've been fucked in my ass a lot of times. I prefer bigger dicks over smaller ones but I don't know exactly how big a dick I can take. I've taken them up to 14 inches. (Boy that was the biggest dick I have ever seen.) I also love secretly dressing up in women's sexy clothes too. The sexier the better. I've been doing this since I was 16. My favorite outfit is dressing in a tight miniskirt, fishnets and high heels. When I see women dressed like this it makes my dick really hard and it sends a message to me that they want male attention eventually leading to fucking. So I figure if I dress like this men will like it and it will make other men's dicks hard too and they will want to fuck me. When I see a very shapely woman with a really nice ass, secretly I want my ass to look like hers. So I get just the right under garments to achieve that look. I like when men try to hit on me and talk dirty to me. Actually for some reason this makes my ass hole wet. Sometimes it gets really, really wet. I know at this point I want some dick. I've been ass fucked so many times that having sex with men seems normal to me. I know I will never stop.

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  • Me exactly! I am a Cd slut and love dressing sexy and have guys use my mouth and ass for pleasure.

  • I would love to fuck your ass. I never fucked a guys ass but I would love to have you dress up and spread your ass for me

  • I would be your little cum slut.

  • Many guys have sat me down and told me how much they wanted to fuck me. I usually let them at some piont.

  • That's fucking disgusting, dude. Your rectum is not self lubricating, like a vagina. There is no anatomical/physiological means by which your asshole can become "wet", unless you are leaking diarrhea or you squirted some other liquid up there, or you have a rectal infection that's oozing pus out your ass. You might consider a visit to a doctor to get your shitter checked out.

  • Go away.

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