Blowjob from Airbnb host

I travel to London for work regularly. Usually book a hotel but recently tried an Airbnb as I was in town for a few days. The flat owner said she would be on location to let me in when I arrived. Was expecting some middle aged angry woman to open the door but my eyes almost popped out my head when a very pretty slim asian smiley 20-something girl opened the door and welcomed me in. Chelsea said she worked from the ground floor flat and showed me to the upstairs flat. Couldn’t stop staring at her tight little ass as she walked up the stairs! Chelsea showed me around the flat and then asked me if there was anything else I needed.

I told Chelsea I was fine and she left but just talking to her had made me rock hard! I unpacked my clothes then left the flat to go buy a few bottles of wine for the night, and as I let myself back in to the flat, Chelsea walked out of the downstairs flat. She said she was going to meet her boyfriend but I asked her if she’d like to share a quick drink with me upstairs. Chelsea seemed a little awkward but agreed.

We had a few glasses of wine, and Chelsea shared with me details of her business (she was a lingerie designer!) and how she was also an actress. As Chelsea spoke I was just imagining how good it would feel to have my erect penis in Chelsea’s mouth, seeing her little asian head bobbing up and down on my stiffy!

Chelsea’s boyfriend was calling her phone and the conversation soon turned to relationships. I told Chelsea how I was now divorced and being single in your late 50s was difficult as I always got so horny. Chelsea was getting a little tipsy and so I told her she had made me horny when she walked up the stairs and my eyes were fixed on her tight little asian ass!

I leant in to kiss Chelsea and to my surprise, she kissed me back. I took Chelsea into the bedroom and she knelt between my legs and performed oral sex on me. Chelsea didn’t mind me pushing her head down and she seemed to enjoy gagging a little on my penis. I told Chelsea I’d love to have anal sex with her and she got on all fours on the bed and I fucked her tight asian ass as hard as I could.

I was about to cum so pulled my cock out of Chelsea’s bum but she told me to put it in her fanny and cum inside her because she was on the pill. It felt great shooting a few weeks of thick warm sperm up Chelsea’s tight asian fanny as her boyfriend was calling her phone!

“Say hi to your boyfriend for me!” I said as I shot my cum rope up Chelsea’s fanny!

I still masturbate about my visit to Chelsea’s flat and left her a great review!


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