A fake cock for our daughter

We're from France and in our family we all 4 live in big harmony. We can really talk about everything. so my daughter once came to me and asked, if I would borrow her one of my dildos or a vibrator. She was 13 at that time. I thought about quickly and as I know she is not already active with someone else, I gave her the thinnest one I could find, being a bit afraid, that she couls harm herself. It's a rebuild from a dogs cock, my husband brought me as a gift from one of his businesstravels to the netherlends some years ago. But our daughter does not know, what it should be, I think. She most apprechiated the colour of it (dark red and black) and called it cool. It all did something in my mind, I'm afraid to confess.

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  • Wow now she will think a dogs cock is a mans cock, and when see sees a real mans/boys cock she will be confessed.

  • You need to show your daughter some videos on how to use a dildo since you've already given it to her. Let her know the full potential of what she can do with it. I get the feeling you've been fucked by a dog?

  • I would have loved it if my mom gave me a dog dildo to play with

  • No surprise that French women are into doggy dick. Most of the French men are homosexuals, and most of the women look like dogs.

  • There are some beautiful French women and they are mind blowing in bed!

  • To the original poster, you said that it "all did something in my mind, I'm afraid to confess."
    What are you afraid to confess? Did you think about being with your daughter, her being with your dog? What? It's ok to confess, you're amongst friends.

  • So nice of you to say

  • Love Beasty sex especially when girls deep throat a Dog. So Hot...

  • Why get your daughter a fake cock? Wouldn't she better off with a real one like her dad's for example or a brother perhaps?

  • Your daughter is going to be a dogs bitch, getting fucked by local dogs

  • That's so hot 🔥, now she will be taking her 1st doggy cock.. maybe tell her once she's used it if she still wants to borrow "fido" and she if she clicks.

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