Extreme cock pleasure

I have always played with my cock pretty hard and even told my ex before when she would squeeze as hard as she could stroking me that it is pretty tough. When I was probably in middle school I was going thru my chores list and while vacuuming my room my mom had shown me to remove the hose from the side of it and clean the edges of the carpet right along the base board. I was doing that and sort of ran my fingers over the end of the hose and felt how hard it sucked them into it. I closed my door because I did not want my sister to see anything, dropped my pants and stuck it up to my cock head. Two minutes later it was sucking my load right into the bag, I still do that today with my shop vac, feels amazing as the suction vibrates my head around against the hose.
I have also used a few power tools on myself and so far I have managed not to injury myself. I made a custom silicon filled sleeve that can attach to a drill motor, variable speed of course. I lube it and my cock up really good then as it rotates around it squeezes and massages me to orgasm, unbelievably great feeling as I slowly slide in and out of it twisting around.
Vibration seems to really get me off and I use my palm sander with saran wrap around the base, I put my cock right onto my bench and push the sander down on the head. It sends tingles right up my back as it vibrates up and down and side to side, I orgasm in minutes and the head of my cock tingles well past it from all the vibrations.
My wife is always amazed because she sucks and pulls on me as hard as she can according to her but I tell her that it feels great, she even asked me one time while she used her bullet vibe around the head of my cock and asked me how it felt. All I could do was smile and tell her awesome as I faked a long moan thinking about how my sander made it feel. I love a blow job from her though because nothing can replace her warm mouth and tongue pleasuring my cock.


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  • I think we all put the vacuum hose on our cocks. I remember needing to get just the right position and it'd vibrate like hell. I don't even think I knew what cumming was, just that it was done.

  • I removed the vibrator from the cock ring vibrator and put the small vibrator inside my pee hole and the vibration from inside my penis hole gave the feeling of having erection for the first time with that twinkling and throbs. Try it

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