Air Force Bitch...

I’m a male and I knew a female in the Air Force that was a total Bitch, but she was also hot and sexy and I wanted to fuck her and do all kinds of naughty and nasty things with her. She was always bitchy and kinda mean and I finally had a chance to see her outside of work and her tits were wonderful in her shirt and the rest of her body was quite fine. I think about her now in sheer lingerie with her tits and shaved pussy on display for me and I want to put a ball gag in her mouth and force her to shut the fuck up. Then I will handcuff her hands behind her back so I can “really have some fun with her” and show her how much I appreciate her sexy and womanly body. I will play with her and tease her and fuck with her for a few hours and get her all hot and horny and sexually frustrated and then put a blindfold over her eyes. Then I will invite her family and friends in to watch as I sexually tease and please her and make her cum in front of everyone, but she will remain a helpless and blindfolded and sexy Bitch.

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  • Kiss her feet ;)

  • I get on my knees in front of her and kiss and lick her stocking covered feet and worship them with my mouth. I ask her if she likes it and if it turns her on and I’m pretty sure her reply would be a yes. I slowly go up her smooth legs and tease and taunt them with my lips and tongue. She loves the gentle kisses on the inside of her thighs as I get closer and closer to the delight underneath her sheer thong. Her legs are spread wide open and she looks absolutely beautiful as my eyes travel up her sexy body ;)

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