Sister in law foot fetish

I have a foot fetish and I think my sister in-law knows I have
I’m pretty sure they hacked my computer and found photos of her feet on my computer as my home page had been changed to a photo of her in high heels
I started to notice when she would come around home that she would show me her feet a lot more than normal and now I’ve started to go in to her Facebook photos and start like the photos with her feet in them .. but what I’d do is see when she’s on line ,and then like the photos just long enough to see the I’ve liked them and then unlike it .....I’ve been doing this for a few months now and I think she’s switched on to what I’m doing now she’s given my wife a whole heap of her old high heels and assorted shoes so m starting think she’s starting to feed my fetish .... I’d love to know if I’m reading this wrong, what’s your thoughts

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  • You should try some foot fetish with your wife :D

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