Fuck my wife?

I have a fantasy to watch my wife have sex with another guy. She absolutely refuses to do it because she says she loves me.
She can choose the guy, time, place, if I'm there or not, protecting, no protection, it's totally up to her. Yet she still says no.
Why wouldn't she want to fuck another guy?

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  • I watch my girlfriend fuck another guy it wasnt tht great cas she got to cheat and i didnt

  • I watched my wife 10x and with 2 different guys. 6 guys and 5 girls shared a beach rental for the summer -- we were all horny lifeguards. The girls became as permissive as the guys -- I understand that to be the case in the military too. something about being fit and rugged and living together with guys. Everyone swam out to sea 1 mile 2x a week. They're impressive to watch have sex. They do it better than porn stars. Anyway when she became available I snagged her up. She rolls her eyes when we talk about the beach house arrangement. She's like June Cleaver soccer mom now.

  • Get her drunk, that’s what I did. Don’t tell her the plan. It has to happen in the moment. Tell her you want to have a sexy date night, she is your slut for the night, have her dress really sexy then get her drunk. Take her to a club, dance with her then tell her you’re going for drinks and she should continue to dance and if anyone comes up to dance with her she should dance with him, you want her to be slutty for you and dance with another man, then go to the bar and take your time, someone will eventually dance with her. Afterward tell her how sexy it was to watch her dance with another man and how horny she made the other guy feel, and you too, then tell her you want her to dance with another guy but thus time she should dance really sexy and put on a show for you, you want to see her get nasty on the dance floor tell her to do it for you, she your slut for the night, have her do a shot and send her back out to the dance floor. She will dance with another guy, she will push the limits, and he will pick up on it and he will push the limits. Then tell her it’s so hot watching her, you love her, she’s driving you crazy and Other guys crazy, everyone wants to have sex with her. Tell her to tease a guy for you, tell her to make out with a guy a little, just a little, tell her to let him feel her up, to put on a good sexy show for you. Just keep pushing it until she’s so horny for sex with another man she will easily do it when you finally suggest she be nice and give the poor guy she’s been teasing and kissing all night a quick BJ while you watch, you’ll love to see your little slut suck a dick, say do it for one minute. She’ll do it, and one minute will then turn into a full BJ while you have sex with her. Eventually you can say, just let him have sex with you, I want you to suck me while I watch him do you, put a good show on for me honey, my little slut. She’ll love it.

  • Married 10 years -- while on vacation -- caught my wife ogling the lifeguard. She would go up his chair to show him her big tits and ask about the water temp.
    I'm there 'you're becoming a hussy cougar." "that young man is h o t hot"
    'Go ahead fuck if you can, go for it.'
    'You would let me sleepy with another guy -- and not be jealous or hold it against it me?' --'Life is too short -- i wouldn't"
    wife: "Wheeweey --you're the best -- I felt so guilty for years, but 10 years ago I was fucking my boss. We were actually going at it before we met -- it just lasted a coupe years too long."

  • Most women want emotional commitment and a relationship, not just banging genitals together. They are wired differently than men. It's very possible that your wife wants to remain monogamous with you. She loves you.

    That being said, all humans have fantasies. It took me 23 years of marriage to get my wife to screw one of my friends, and she actually liked it when she did. We all did it together. We still have such experiences occasionally and it's nice, but it took a long, long time to get there. Don't give up.

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