Sex with local whore and infected with pubic lice

While was horny and thinking of having sex with someone I overheard a man talking about a women living in particular area is a whore and for a few bucks she fill entertain for half an hour time. So when it became dark I cycled to this woman's residence. It was around 8.30 in the night and saw this lady coming out of her house and at a first glance itself one can judge she is paid sex worker seeing her appearance and make up at that time of hour. So simply as if I am an expert in this field I approached her and she raised her eyebrows seeing a new face. I taking out some bucks asked how much and she spelled her charge and in I went. She was true to her charges and was good in satisfying her client but with condom for safety. On reaching back home I jerked myself and went to sleep. Getting up in the morning I felt some biting experience around my cock base and pubic area. Scratching the full day I thought may be due to the excess masturbation after a good sex. But after two days the itching and biting increased and while bathing I just examined the my pubic area and found small redish spots around the pubic area. So closely checked and found a red small crab like lice moving around the pubic hair. This was the first time I have seen such a creature on my body. Once when young I was infected with head lice that normal black creatures on the head and dandruff. Though it was scratchy I started to enjoy the company of this red crabby lice around my penis. But in next two weeks its number grew and I started to worry. I thought of many ways to get rid of the menace. Doctor, medicine,lotion, pesticide spray etc. At last the idea of shaving came up and I completely shaved all the hair down the waist upto the thigh neat and clean while in the bathroom and had a good shower. Thereafter the idea of fucking a whore was never in my mind.

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  • Pubic lice is awful. I got it when I was 17 after fucking a couple of sluts in their late 30s at my boss's house. This was in '91. I was itching for days when I finally had to tell my parents that I needed to see a doctor. They found out that I was fucking sluts and it was an uncomfortable conversation, especially with mom. The treatment was no picnic either. The smell of that shit was horrible.

  • Yuck gross

  • I always keep my pubes unshaven. If I ever get the crabs, I shave one side, then light the other side on fire. When they come running out, I stab them with toothpicks.

  • Well your a first grade student aren't you frigin clown

  • Don't mess with cheap trash

  • Serves you right Dickhead

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