Sniffing my step moms panties

My step mom is supper hot.. blond hair, big tits, fat ass. whenever she comes home i always try to talk to here and try to see if i can see what panties shes wearing. she changes out of her work outfit right when she gets home and my favourite part of the day is going in the laundry room and getting that fresh 10 hour work panties and sniffing them, i wish she would just come in my room and take the fresh par off and give them to me.. hate sneaking

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  • I was 12 when I started to sniff my moms panties and jerk off into them thinking of fucking her

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  • All a load of queer pricks

  • Could not have put it better

  • My mom has just separated from my dad and has got herself a big black boyfriend, he’s absolutely gorgeous. Love seeing what he’s left behind in my mums new lingerie xx

  • I love smelling my mom's panties as soon as she takes them off. Then I'm either eating her pussy, or fucking it.

  • I’ve laid out my wife’s dirty panties once and sniffed them while masturbating. It made me cum so hard. Not sure why I don’t do that more. I’m going to Snap that to her right now and turn her on.

  • I love to stiff and wear my girlfriends panties.

  • I cum so hard from sniffing panties, I love it! I love to smell sweaty asshole just as much or more than sticky pussy.

  • That's awesome. My mom likes to work out in yoga pants commando and i love raiding the laundry room for a sniff of pussy and ass. she's really fit and pretty and looks great from behind even at age 40.

  • I bet it makes you want to fuck your mom? It would me.

  • I have been doing this since I was like six years old, I have two older sisters and there was never a shortage of panties to sniff. They were both into sports so plenty of nice sweaty stained crotches and I have also lucked out because my wife is a workout fanatic also.

  • 6 years old? I think NOT. At 6 years old boys don't even like girls, let alone want to sniff their panties. If you're going to make up shit, at least make it somewhat realistic. Fucking idiot.

  • Why don't you just pull her drawers down and bury your face in her crotch? Nothing like sniffing your moms pussy straight from the source. Worst she can do is slap the shit out of you and send you to a head shrink, if your lucky she'll let you back into where you came out of.

  • It's his STEP mother.

  • Your really strange you need a doctor

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