Fucked my grandmother

From the time i was 14, I used to sleep in the bed with my paternal grandmother. She was 79 yrs old, about 5’1 with wide hips and 38GG breasts. I used to make sure to give her big hugs every time i came to visit her. I used to love feeling her big soft tits press against me. At night, she would get into bed in a short, thin cotton nightgown. She would fall into a deep sleep within minutes. I used to snuggle up behind her and put my arms around her. I used to love the feel of this big soft tittieS in my hand. It would cause my young cock to get rock hard. One night, i decided to pull her short gown up so that i was pressed against her soft ass. This caused a rush of adrenaline thru me. She was so so soft and warm. I could still hear her snoring so i decided to go further. I took my hard cock and pressed it down so it was wedged between her ass cheeks. The feeling was amazing! As i rubbed against her, i scooted down so my erect cock slid up between her thighs. At this point, i could feel my cockhead touch her pussylips. The heat from it was amazing! My heart was beating so hard! I slowly moved my hips against her so that the tip of my cock rubbed against her pussy lips. The feeling was unbelievable! Her pussy had a bit of hair on it and it tickled me. As i did this, i massaged her massive tots slowly and felt her nipples grow between my fingertips. She continued to snore and not react to anything i was doing. The feeling of her cunt lips sliding against my cock was unreal. All of a sudden, the tip of my cock slid upwards and i felt myself enter her. I froze as the tip was actually inside her pussy. I waited to see if she reacted. My body was buzzing at this point. Although it seemed like an eternity, it was probably 10 seconds. I was at a point of no return. I had felt heaven and could back down. I decided to push inward. Next thing i know, i had fully slid my young hard cock into her. Her old, tight cunt gripped my shaft. I held it inside and enjoyed the feeling. My heart pounded. I decided to proceed with the taboo act i was now fully invested in. I pulled out and then slid fully into my sleeping grandmother. She continued to snore. I could now feel her wetness on my cock. I pulled out once again and then slowly pushed in as far as i could get. My balls were pressed against her clit. The tip of my cock was firmly pressed against her cervix. I decided the reward was way better than the risk. I started working my cock in and out of the cunt that my father had came out of a half century ago. She suction and sound of her wet cunt as my cock plunged into her drove me crazy. I made sure to enjoy each pull and push of my cock. Pulling nearly all the way out and then pushing all the way in. I was in heaven. My hands continued to squeeze her massive tits and she continued to snore. I finally gave up on the threat of her waking up. I was drunk with lust. Now my hips had a mind of their own and i was plunging in and out of her in a constant motion. I only thought of how good she felt and how much i wanted to released all of my young jizz inside of her inviting cunt. I couldn’t hold it much longer. I gave her a few more strokes and then pressed as hard and far as i could into her and emptied the contents of my young scrotum into her ancient womb. I felt spurt after spurt of thick, creamy sperm splash against her cervix. If she had had any eggs left, my fertile milk would have surely impregnated her. As the last jets of seamen shot from my cock, i held my prick deep in her waiting to see if she reacted. Although she had quit snoring, she did not wake or react. My body, now spent, finally relaxed. I was spooned up behind my grandmother and my cock twitched and the last drops of cum emptied into her. I stayed inside of her until my cock went flaccid and finally slid out of her used, loose pussy. As it plopped out, i felt my sperm-filled fluid begin to leak out. I didn’t even worry about what she would think the next morning, being that she was completely creampied and covered in my cum. I fell asleep cuddled up with her dreaming of many more nights like this...... (to be continued)

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