First time with sex not normal, with dog

Around 14, horny and interested in sex. Crazy thoughts like a girl being tied up and fucked was arousing to me. Dog sex was especially arousing to me, because of them being stuck together somehow. Started wearing my sister's clothes and tying myself up and imagining I was the girl, then would go masturbate. I added my dog one day to the scene and would pull him up on my back and watch in the mirror as it looked like a tied-up girl was going to get fucked by a dog. He just layed on my back. Eventually I made the scene more graphic with the skirt up and panties down to my thighs. This time, I pulled him up on my back and stroked him a few times before tying my hands. The scene was wild as the dog started humping like he was screwing the tied-up girl in the mirror. He grabbed my hips and I felt something stabbing my soft skin and it hurt, and again. Eventually, he hit my asshole and began fucking me quickly. The image in the mirror was no longer a game, it was really happening. Getting fucked for real felt so different from what I had imagined, but felt good to me, so I let him keep fucking me. He was doing his best to get inside me as deeply as possible, and I let him. It was raw and seemed like it lasted for several minutes until he stopped. It was a little sad it was over, but glad I had tried it. I might let him do it again. I was working to untie my hands when he got off my back and turned away from me, so we were now butt to butt, and something inside me turned with him. He was still inside me and stuck! I had felt like I was stuffed, but just thought it was his penis. He had gotten his knot inside me and it was too swollen to come out, so we were stuck together like two dogs, except instead of a bitch dog, the penis and knot were inside a horny teenage boy. He made me feel sensations I had never felt before that kept building up until finally releasing and a surge of pleasure went through me. It seemed like several minutes later and he was done and pulled out. The dog licked my asshole and thighs clean and then went over by my bed and licked himself clean. I layed on my side and tried to understand what had just happened to me. The naughty game had turned into my first experience with sex, which I had always thought it would be with a girl. I had just been my dog's bitch and had gotten an orgasm somehow from the experience and that good feeling from it lingered for a long time afterwards. My sister saw me later and must have noticed something different about me, but I could never tell her about my first sexual experience.


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