Moms boyfriend took nude pics of me

I needed money to get my car inspected , it needed tires and brakes and I was broke . At 19, my job didnt pay much .So Im lounging at our pool thinking of how to get car fixed knowing my mom wont let me use her new car , So my mothers boyfriend asked me if I wanted a loan to take care of the car. I was so happy I could finally drive my car legal again I said hell yeah. He said ok,let me some pics of you ,dont tell your mom, and you wont have to pay me back . I thought well fuck, whats the harm in that . He took a few of me laying next to the pool, then asked me to put my hands overhead ,i did, then got a little steamy and asked to spread my legs and took a shot like that. I was kind of like wtf ,but nothing to see ,so . Now he had me flip over on my stomach and took a picutre of me from the back,especially my ass ,then asked to untie my top for a clean pic of my back , after a little hesitation i did . He took a shot or two. Then said roll over again, I held my top and rolled over onto my back again and said loose the top, but keep your boobs covered. I was like no way . He said ok then, deals off . He started to walk away and I said ,Wait . OK . Then posed covering my boobs . He again said to put my hands over my head, I knew at this time he was going to see my boobs ,but was desperate ,so i did. My boobs on total display for him taking pic after pic .. That was the end of that session he says and went and got me the money for the car. I never told anyone. At that point, I secretly wanted to show him my pussy too, but it never happened

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  • Pool story. Since Sept my wife and her neighbor girlfriend have been lounging at our pool bare ass naked. 'All the kids are back at school so why not.' Because 4 homes have a view of our pool from the 2nd floor. Both real babes, 35ish.
    She says they been doing it 3 years now, it a safety thing, don't swim alone. My hours changed, i get home at 1. I should noticed no tan lines. Told her they've been getting jerked off to. She's like so what, guys do that anyway.

  • My husband had to coax be to do nudes. At firs it was "show be some more cleavage" He just kept at for me to take more off - then I really got into it -- the way you wanted show your pussy -- well I did. It was hot. this was 40 years ago -- had to take the film to lab -- god knows who saw me.
    The only downside. Judy and I are hiking a trail -- hot day - tube top, short shorts - met two nice guys -- they were hiking the whole 1,000 mile trail. Hadn't seen a women in a week. they wanted to take my picture by this awesome backdrop -- they kept asking me to pull my top down a bit -- and i'm like WFT, these guys are nice -- i'll just take it off for them.. snapping away topless -- big grin :-)-- "want my bottoms off too?" -- sure --- I'm a ringer. we part and my girlfriend is like WTF did you just do. "i just put my clothing back on, Judy."
    Husband and I enjoy all the nudes he took -- he'd shit if knew about the trial. But he's the one who primed me up for those 2 nice guys. they both had 6 packs.

  • What a great adventure

  • Just don't do slutty nudes for money -- posing like you had clothing on, but you don't -- ehhhh why not -- ask for copies -- when you're old you'll be glad you have them.

  • Would love to do that with my step-daughter too....and lose the bottoms! ;-)

  • Thinking back I should have slipped off my bottoms and lay spread for his pictures . But I didn't . sometimes I'd wished he asked for more pictures again.
    In my mind I should tease him into it , but then think he'll want me as his slut ,which is not going to be

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