"Circle Suck"

There's a nude beach I go to quite often and have for many years. For the most part people behave themselves on this beach but any debauchery usually happens way at the north end. So it's pretty much common knowledge: if you don't want to see any kind of sexual behavior stay away from the north end.

But I never really saw much of anything on the north end other than the occasional hard on or something like that. But on a recent visit I noticed that there was a small path cut in the dunes on the north end and that path leads to a clearing where there is a large area of sand. At first I didn't think much of it. I saw it and no one was there -it was fairly early in the day - so I went about my business.

Then about an hour later I decided to walk down that way again. I walked down the little path again but this time I got an eye full. I've heard of "circle jerks" before but I guess this was a "circle suck" and with an audience!

There were 6 guys sprawled out on blankets in the large area of sand, forming a circle, each sucking each other's cocks. What's more, 3 women were standing there egging them on as if it were some sort of a competitive match. Everyone - men and women - was completely naked. The girls were yelling things like "suck that fucking cock!" and "come on make that faggot cum!" And one even yelled "drink that fucking cum!". One woman was manipulating her clit while watching and I was sure she was going to squirt but she never did.

They looked and me and said "c'mon join in!". I waved them off and watched for a minute. My own cock got really hard watching all the sucking and moaning but I felt a little weird standing their watching so I moved on.

Wow. I guess THAT's where the debauchery has been all along!

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  • Indeed ! I've never, personally, seen anything like that at a nude beach, but, I have seen the movies. I wouldn't have joined either, but would've probably lurked, stroking it.

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