Fingered a girl's pussy

During the summer vacation we cousins and neighbor boys and girls used to play together at anyone's house. All were of the age of 8 to 10 years. While playing in my house we had a room with no windows but two doors of which one was permanently locked. So I suggested we will go to that dark room and closing the door and putting off the lights we shall tickle each other. All agreed and there were around 4 boys and some five girls. Closing the door I had eyed the biggest girl in the group and the lights were put off. We were all howling and I immediately reached the big girl and started tickling her armpits and she also started to tickle my armpits. In between the din of giggling and howling I slid my hand into her panty and pushed a finger into her pussy. She immediately jumped back shouted stop in such shrieking voice I jumped back to light switch and put the lights on. She immediately left the room and all other followed out without knowing what happened. To my embarrassment she marched to my Mom who was out in the kitchen garden and spilled the beans. Luckily she did not knew who did the act. Mom scolded everyone to stop such games and not to repeat such things and we all left one by one to play something else. When grown up little bigger and started to masturbate on that pussy fingering act.

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  • I was ten when playing with the boys who were older and got my first fingering.

  • Guess I was a late bloomer for I was 12 when my cousin got me down and started in tickling me. I guess my screams didn't change any between my ribs and my nipples and he found tickling my nipples was much more fun for him in the ling run.

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