I want my dad to fuck and breed me

I've seen my dad's dick before and it's huge. I just can't stop thinking about how good it would feel to have him fill me up with his seed and make me pregnant. Sometimes I wish that he would come into my room at night and fuck my sleeping vulnerable pussy until he creampies me

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  • You are a total loser, fake story for sure 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Does your dad know what you want from him, if he doesn't how can he know,
    I think you have to encourage him and see what happens, one way of finding out and it worked for me, to wear a short skirt and no knickers let him see what you've got between your legs, and you will find out, some dads will be disgusted, and a fair number will go for it, you will know if he is watching your arse you will feel it, the first time is the fantastic, I wont go into my own details at the moment, let me know if you want and we could talk, I am assuming you are of a legal age,

  • I would love to hear more about your story

  • I have been thinking about telling my story, in brief mum walked out to live with another woman, it was dad and me, even before mum left I have had inappropriate thoughts about my dad and what I would like us to do to each other, my dad is a very shy man, I knew it would take all my skills to get him to make the first move, don't know if I can tell all the details of how I got what I wanted, I tried the short skirt and revealing my underwear but that didn't work, I will have to decide to tell what I did to achieve my goal, I will have to decide if I can tell how I went about it

  • Good for you!!! I hope you and your dad are happy.

  • Thanks for your interest do you have a story

  • Are you the author of this post,

  • I had sex with my wifes daughter she looks like the wife but younger got her pregnant at 30 now I'm a dad and grandad at the same time

  • I made some room in my bed

  • I never wanted to breed my daughter, but she did get into my bed with me naked. She has such a great body, and looks much older than she is, that when she started jacking my hard cock, I couldn't stop myself from rolling over on top of her. I pushed my cock into her very tight pussy and we fucked. I'm sure I lasted longer than she'd experienced before, because she must have cum five times before I blew a huge load in her pussy.

  • Can you be my Daddy too please?

  • She's a lucky girl

  • Go to his bedroom in a long tshirt and nothing else and tell him you had a bad dream and want to snuggle. Then just grind against him. He won't say no once your bare ass is grinding on his dick

  • Just go take it.

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