Obsessed with men’s dicks

I’m now back in contact with a friend who’s just finished with her boyfriend, she was dating for 7 months and in that time I didn’t see much of her, it’s been nice seeing her again but she is a changed person, it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing she is constantly talking about every man we see dick, bet he’s got a nice big one, bet his is small and so on I get it to a point but what’s her obsession with men’s dicks?

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  • Hey she knows what she likes. If it bothers you or it’s offending you because you have a small dickie then talk to her. She obviously has had a huge cock or two and really liked it. I did not know that my wifey’s bf before me has a 10” cock. When I found out it put a huge dent in my ego. I put off talking to her for a long time about it and when I finally got up the courage to talk to her she was very honest with me. He is huge. It took weeks of fucking before she could comfortably take him all. He was very controlling sexually and pretty much did whatever he wanted to her. As a matter of fact the first time we had sex she told me that her ex used to cum in her all the time but I wasn’t allowed. He had a lot of control over her and actually convinced her to ask her best friend to join them in a 3sum. This hurt a lot because her best friend has a body like a porn star! I asked her once and she shot me down quick. If I had talked to her before I might have spared myself a lot of pain.

    Do you have feelings for her? Open and Honest Communication is the absolute best policy. Tell her how you feel and be honest about everything. Even if you have a small dickie.

  • She needs some

  • It's simple, your's isn't pleasing her.

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