Watching porn with my sister

When I lived at my parents house we only had one computer it was downstairs in the back room.
I came home from work and my sister was on the computer I asked how long you gonna be she said not long, 40 minutes later she is still on the pc come I said I only need it for 10 minutes, I sat down next to her and took the mouse from her, she put up a bit of a fight but I won!
If it hadn’t of been for the 3 xxx on the tab I would have never known what she was doing, I clicked on it she said please don’t tell mum, let me see and I won’t tell mum I said, we both started watching and without saying anything to each other we watched it to the end.
I clicked on another to watch couple minutes in she said click on a different one, I said that not doing anything for you no she said, a few more clicks and she said this one looks ok, half way through I said this doing anything for you yes she said making you wet is it I said, god yes she said, then she asked me, I said yes of course we both watched to the end, I got up and said I’m gonna finish of upstairs me too she said.
Both of us went to our bedrooms.

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  • I watched porn with my dad when he caught me, I was very embarrassed he assured me it was ok even though I was a bit young, he said to prove its ok lets watch it together ok I agreed I was very excited and embarrassed at the same time I was horny for dad, he went on a dad/daughter site I know it wasn't real dad/daughter, when I saw him penetrate her I had an orgasm I don't know what came over me I shouted daddy fuck, guess what happened

  • My mom caught me watching mom/son incest porn. At first she looked pissed, but quickly became interested in what I was watching. She got turned on and we ended up in bed naked. With the video still playing, and the son fucking his mom, my cock was inside my mom's pussy. My mom was looking down and watching my cock fucking her pussy. She put her back started moaning and calling out my name. I pulled her close and held her shoulders so I could pound her pussy like a piston. When my mom was having her orgasm, she sounded so fucking sexy, I blew my load sending stream after stream of my hot seed deep into her pussy.

  • That's hot! You both should have tried watching porn with boys.

  • Should've fucked.

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