Wife changes her mind...finally

I've been married to my wife for 15 years. Our sex life has been good. She's always been relatively open to trying new things. We've had a threesome a few times. Long time ago she asked if I had any sexual fantasies. I told her one was a threesome. She asked if I wanted another guy or another girl. I asked which she would want. She said either sounds good. She said she would like the focus to be on her. So about a year into our marriage we had a threesome with one of her best friends who is bisexual but leans towards women. Afterwards she said she didn't realise she'd like to have a woman eat her pussy or that she'd like eating pussy.

A few years later we had a threesome with another guy. Was a good buddy I worked with. We took turns spit roasting jenn. Shed suck my buddies dick while I ate her pussy from behind. Then my buddy fucked her while she sucked my dick. What surprised jenn was after mu buddy came in her pussy but was close to having an orgasm so I ate her out...with my buddies cum still coming out.

Even though we did stuff like that, she never wanted to try anal. I'd mention it every now and then but she always said no. About 2 months ago we went to a family party and she got really drunk. When she gets drunk she gets horny. We went home to have sex. First she got on her hands and knees and said she wanted me to eat her pussy. I did and my nose was pressed against her asshole. She mentioned that she kinda liked it. She asked me to eat her ass out. I've always wanted to but never asked. I tongue fucked her asshole while I fingered her pussy. She loved that. Then she said, "I need you inside me."

So I went to get behind her. I started to put my dick in her pussy. She said, "No. Not there." I said, "Uh. What do you mean?" She said, "Put it in my ass." I said, "Seriously? You aren't fucking with me?" She said, "Seriously. Just use lots of lube." I did as I was told and used a lot of lube. Pressed it to her asshole. She let out an 'mmm' as in she liked it so far. I eased it in. She let out an 'ohh' this time. I said, "You ok?" She said, "Yes. Perfect. That actually feels really good."

I started to fuck her. Slow at first. She said, "Faster." So I did. She said, "Harder." So i did. She said, "Oh wow. That's nice...really nice. Think you are hitting my g spot." So I started to really give it to her. She was fingering her clit as I fucked her ass. She said, "Yes baby. Just like that. That feels really good. Fuck me baby."

She came twice in quick succession. Then when I was about to cum I said, "I'm gonna cum baby. Want me to pull out?" She said, "No. Don't pull out. Cum in my ass baby." No more than 30 seconds later I emptied my load in her ass. We spooned afterwards. I said, "So was it ok?" She said, "Very ok. Wished I hadn't told you no all those times you asked for anal." I said, "Really?" She said, "Really. This won't be the only time. That's for sure."

Next morning we woke up. I said, "How did you sleep?" She said, "Like a baby." I said, "You remember last night?" She said, "You mean you fucking me in the ass? Yep. I remember." I said, "Everything ok?" She said, "Yep. I knew what I wanted. When I get drunk I don't get black out drunk. I just lose my inhibitions. So if you ever want me to have sex with a woman or fuck a friend of yours, just get me a few drinks first.

So it's been about 2 months since then and we've had anal sex probably a dozen times now. In fact, I've only had it in her pussy once since that night. Not complaining at all. Just think its weird that she would say no all those years then she tries it once and now loves it.


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  • My biggest fantasy is to lick my wife while she is having sex with a well endowed man lol

  • Same thing here. Or eat her ass while she is fucking another guy in the woman on top position.

  • Let's make it happen then?

  • Been married twice and both women wanted it up the ass. I have to admit it was great sex.

  • I bragged to my wife how I had sex with a local news gal before I met her.
    She bragged back that in college her boyfriend buddy looked like Brad Pitt's twin and BF shared her with him. They had sex every which way, her fave was being spit roasted. "as bad as that sounds, I loved it -- had to be drunk the first time." She flirts with a lot with our best looking friend. I figure she's looking for a hall pass with him-- given her spit roast history. I asked if I should set that up.
    "Fuck no, that was in college 2,000 miles away -- knew I'd never see that guy ever again." Sort of glad that's out of her system, in her rear view mirror. But if she waned that again< I wasn't going to forbid it, and certainly wanted to be one of the players/referee.

  • Mine says my dick is too fat. We tried a couple times.

  • I’ve been trying to get my wife to have a threesome with me and another guy as well. Maybe some day 🤷‍♂️

  • Go a get your wife now! Be stern!

  • Yeah right...I’ve already asked her to have sex with another guy if she wants to. Making her isn’t gonna work bud

  • Not make her be stern tell her someone want to talk that's all, trust me the excitement will take over!

  • The first time I had anal with my wife. I was eating her pussy while she was on her back. I put a finger in her while still eating her and went with my other hand on her asshole. I lubed up a finger and put it in her ass. After a couple of minutes, she was begging to lube her up and fuck her in the ass. Best night ever. Now, I'm trying to ask her to have a threesome all attention on her.

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