Post-funeral fucking

An old friend of mine from high school died from cancer at 40 a couple of weeks ago. He was cremated, but his urn was to be buried in the military cemetery under a headstone. He was still living in the town in which I grew up, as did many of our friends. I hopped a plane to go to his funeral and meet up with some of my old friends. My husband didn't know any of these people, so he stayed home with our kid.

After the service, which was pretty sad, we had a gathering at my old bestie's house. We had a couple of dozen people there, and it was loud. Tons of food and booze. We told stories about our fallen friend and had a good time drinking, catching up, and talking about where the hell the time had gone. I hadn't seen most of these people in over 15 years.

I had to go pee and walked down the hall and inadvertently saw a couple of my old friends having sex in one of the bedrooms. They used to date as teens, but were married to others, had kids, but obviously decided to put 2 and 2 together for old time's sake. They actually let me watch them.

I went back and told a few others and before I knew it one of my old guy friends gave me a hug and said, "You haven't aged at all in the last 20 years" and gave me a kiss. He was drunk off his ass but obviously horny. I liked him a lot back in the day, he had a full head of hair then (haha), but he still looked sexy and fit with a shaved head. I was turned on from the sex that I had just seen, and I decided to hook up with my friend. We went to the said bedroom and had sex.

A few others joined us and it was crazy fun, just old friends in their 40's getting laid and having a good time. I think our dead friend would have approved. It was so sexy seeing the guys bust nuts in several of us. Best funeral ever. I had a great time.

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  • Good for you! Life is short, no harm done.

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