Fucked his sister

I was sleeping over at my friend's house and was having trouble sleeping so I got up at 2 AM and went to watch some TV in the family room. His older sister was there, still up. She's flat chested, but has a pretty face and great legs and ass. She's 18 and has a boyfriend. She's always been friendly to me.

Long story short: we sat on the couch together, talked, had a nice conversation, and she looked great in a long t-shirt and panties. We started touching, then kissing, and you know where that leads. We did 69 on the couch and I came in her mouth. I got it up again within a couple of minutes and I asked her if she wanted to fuck. She was hesitant, but said "Ok, but don't cum in me".

I don't think we were being that loud, but anyway we were fucking and in walked her mom in her bathrobe, who was shocked and just said "No no no, get off each other and go to bed. Right now. We'll talk about this in the morning." I pulled out and she just shook her head while staring at my hard dick.

Well that morning her mom called my mom and now I'm in trouble with my parents. My mom didn't think I was sexually active and thinks that I'm an embarrassment to the family for fucking my friend's sister. She made me apologize to my friend's parents and I'm not allowed to go over there any more. I don't think what I did was really that bad. What 15 year old doesn't like pussy?

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  • Too bad that the parents didn't handle it better. It could have been done with no shame.

  • When I was around 17 I was over at my girlfriends house and things started going way passed kissing as her hand went to my crotch. We were in the living room at her mothers house, my GF looked at me and said let's just be quiet about it. We were naked on the floor and my face was buried in her pussy when I heard her mom tell us we were not being very quiet and why don't you two take it to the bedroom. I froze in place looking up at my GF and she just said "Okay, Mom, sorry for waking you up."

  • You shouldn't be apologising! She took advantage, you're a child. She's a paedo.

  • An 18 yr. old fucking a 15 yr. old is hardly a case of pedophilia ! Go away, church lady !

  • How did the apology go? "Sorry for fucking her, but just wanted to so bad" I think you showed good control by stopping when the mom told you to, it must have been tough to stop before cumming.

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