Put my dick in a sleeping girl

When I was in college I had a wierd relationship with a girl that was my girlfriends best friend. This happened on 3 different occassions. But I will tell you a out the first time.
So we would all hang out together and get drunk and I would always stay at there place. My girlfriend and I had a good relationship but I would get wierd sexual signals from her friend Sarah. Alot of nights we would come home from going out drinking and throw on a movie or something and usually.just pass out.
The first time I noticed something wierd was when my girlfriend went to bed and Sarah stretched out drunk on the couch next to me. I was kinda dozing off when I see Sarah sleepily take her shorts and panties off, then lay back down on her belly in the couch with a pillow under her belly and her butt and pussy pointed up at me. She did it all in one move then passed right back out. I said Sarah what are you doing, and she didnt respond, so I kinda shook her and she still didnt respond. She was passed out with her pussy and butthole just pointing at me. I instantly got hard and started stroking my cock inside my shorts.
I put my hand on her thigh and shook her again and she didnt move, so I pulled my shorts down and picked up the panties she had just taken off. I put may left hand on her ass, with my fingers against her butthole and my thumb pressed against her pussy. She didnt make a sound but she pushed her ass back into my fingers and I felt her wet pussy let my thumb into her slit.
I hoped that she was so drunk that she was blacked out and not gonna remember this. I was in love and pumped my cock quietly with her panties, she wiggled again and arched her back with my one hand burning from the heat of her ass and the other stroking her soft cotton panties against my cock I shot huge jets of cum into her panties.
I just sat there for a bit then took my hand off of her bum and putt her soaked panties back next to her. She quickly grabbed the panties and put them back on layed down, didnt say a word and acted passed out again. I was like wtf. We never spoke of it.

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  • One if the times it happened on a trip to my girlfriends lake house with about 5 other friends. Sarah and I were the last ones up and she quickly pulled her bathing suit bottoms off and clumsily let her legs fall to the floor while her belly layed on the sofa. I could tell she was acting passed out again, but this time she kept her suit at her knees and her butt was propped up as she layed across the edge of the couch.
    I got super hard as I crawled toward her, I stuck my face into her cute little butt and could smell the chlorine from the pool against her skin. She pushed back with her hips and propped herself up even more, exposing her snatch to me on her belly. I got up and let my swim trunks fall tot he ground then placed one knee on the edge of the couch and kinda bent down with the other. I pushed the head of my cock against her slit and could feel the heat and wetness dripping from her.
    She wanted me to fuck her while she was passed out! I pushed my cock in and felt her push back against me, grinding her ass in the air as if begging for it. I was so hard I about lifted her little frame off the couch as I bottomed out and pulled my shaft back out of her. I buried my cock in her again until my balls pressed hot and full of cum against my taint. I just sat like that for like 2 minutes my balls aching then I could feel her pussy contract and I felt her cumming with 2 pumps and only 2 minutes of my cock stiff In her from behind. I lost it and knew I should pull out but I almost instantly started shooting huge jets of cum deep inside of her, my balls were draining into her and her ass just kept grinding away accepting every bit of my load. I collapsed on top of her and sat with my cock dripping cum deep Into her for 5 minutes more. Then I got up and put my shorts back on and left the room. Then we acted like nothing happened the next day.

  • Oh those panties would have under my nose until I sniffed the pussy and asshole smell out of them while I beat off! So hot!

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