Raped by girls

O was 14 and I had an older sister she would have her friends over some times. her friends would hang up on my and kida surround me they were all a few years older then me and much bigger, I felt timid around them. Even so her friends were very attractive, I even kind of liked one of them. But I was still scared of them even if they were hot and I dreaded the times they came over. One time she invited a lot of her friends over for a sleepover as usual I locked myself in my room so they couldn't get to me. It was about 3 hours in when I heard a word sound from the window I looked over and it was one of them trying to get in. I started to panic I knew they were trying to get to me. I ran out of my room. Emma was standing at the end of the hallway so I ran into the guest bedroom. They all came in there I tryed to fight them of but they pussed me on to the matress. They were yelling and I was trying to struggle free one of them came back with belts and they tyed me to the bed I couldn't stop it from happening they were so much stronger than me. My legs and arms were spred apart I tryed to wriggle free butt I couldn't do it. One off the girls stood on the bed, although im ashemed to admit it she was very pretty. It was a wired felling I was completely terrified and there wasn't any thing I could do. The girl on the bed got on all fours over me. Her boobs were right infront of my face, I started to get a boner. One of the girls pulled out a pocket knife and I started to freak out, she used the knife to cut my shirt and pants off me. I started to yell butt then my sister said that if I called Mom in she would tell her I cheated on my test for school, I stopped yeling. Then they shoved a sock in my mouth and cut off my underwear. I was completely naked in front off 10 or so attractive older girls. The most attractive girl Ashley touched my dick, it was the first time a girl had ever touched my dick I got a boner she started to jack off my dick. Then I was blindfolded she stopped jacking me, I felt someone get on the bed then someone grabed my dick. Before I knew it my dick was in her pussy, she started to ride me it felt so good. The girls took turns on my dick for about 10 minutes then I started to breath faster one of the girls noticed and she rubbed my dick faster and I came. The girls were laughing they untied me dragged me to the bathroom and locked me in. As I lay on the tile I realize I just lost my viginty to my sisters best friends.

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  • Interesting to note that this site thinks girls raping boys is permissible to post. More likely, they found it so ridiculous and improbable they gave it a pass. I'm surprised the ubiquitous yet non-existent " Stay - Hard Crème " wasn't employed. Got to love the twisted and juvenile notion that cheating on a school test is far worse than having your clothes cut off, and then raped. Be real, grasshopper !

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