I almost had sex with my sister

Ever since I was 17, I always fancied the idea of having sex with my sister. Even during high school, whenever, I thought about my sister, I would get rock hard and I even cumed my pants once or twice by just thinking about her. Every time I got home, I would never really watch porn, but I would beat off pics of my sister. It's important to know that my sister is nine years older than me and she was fucking hot. Whenever my sister would leave the house, I would sneak into her room and start smelling her panties and beat off to that. I would get so turned on about the fact of seeing my sister naked. My sister and I have a good relationship, and sometimes we would even talk about things like sex. But I didn't want to do anything stupid to ruin our relationship. So months went by, and I was still having sexual feelings towards my sister, deep down, I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't resist. So one day, I reached my point. I knew that I had to come clean to my sister about my feelings. So that night, when everyone was asleep, I went into my sister's bedroom, took off all my clothes and got ready. My heart was pumping out of my chest, I hesitated a bit, but I knew I wanted this. So I went close to my sister and kissed her, she woke up all shocked up and said "what the fuck." I softly said to her that she was the most amazing and beautiful sister and confessed my feelings to her. She looked at me and said that we couldn't have sex, it was wrong. I thought to myself, oh fuck, what have I done. But then she told me to lay beside her on the bed, and then she grabbed my cock and started jerking it I was ready to explode. I never expected this, but I loved every second of it. The next thing I realized she put my cock inside her mouth and gave me an incredible blowjob. I didn't last too long I ended up busting in her mouth. After that my sister asked me not to speak about this to anyone, and asked me to leave her room. I said yes and went back to my room. That was one of the most exceptional sensations I ever had in my life. Ever since that day, my attraction towards my sister went was even more significant. But I knew not to push it. Still deep inside, I knew it was wrong. That same summer, my sister moved out, she got a new job in a different state, and my sexual feelings for her slowly went down. It has been a couple of years since that experience. It's not something I'm proud of, but it happened. Luckily my sister and I are still good, and we put that experience behind us.


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  • You've done nothing wrong at all. She clearly open to the idea of a sexual relationship with you and its totally ok. If i were you i would try to persue your sister for maybe a relationship or just casual sex, even if that means spend time where she lives because if you don't, you'll regret it for the rest of you're life. I'm very lucky to be still having sex with my sister, even though we are both married to other people. Its occasional but its great and i know its cheating but it just something we've always done.

  • Why did you stop? you should've at least licked her pussy once or twice.

  • I bet if you continued she would have licked your asshole and you would have blasted a huge load right into her face.

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