Nude family

I've been dating a man with three children. A boy 15, and two girls, 13 and 8. They're a wonderful family, except for none of them wear any clothes around the house. They hug, sit on each others laps, play, clean, cook, sleep, do all normal family stuff nude. They don't make me get nude, just tell me that I'm welcome too. I love this man dearly, just don't know to deal with the nudity. Sometimes my boyfriend, or even his son will get an erection. They don't even try to hide it. My boyfriend says it's just a normal body function. He'll tell his son to go and masterbate to take care of it. My boyfriend will do the same, or has sex with me if I'm there. Not sure what to do.

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  • Me and my wife rase r kids nude my daughter is 13 r son is 15 we have sex with r kids iv been cumming in my daughtersince she was 8 and my wife lets r son since he was 11 fuck her anytime

  • Well just a little update. This last Saturday was movie night at home, and I mustered up the nerve to get naked with my boyfriend and his kids. I got a few stares from his kids at first. See what I haven't mentioned, is that I'm a big breasted, full figured woman, little thick, but not fat by no means. Plus I don't shave my pussy area completely, I have a thick nicely trimmed bush. Altogether something the kids had not seen.

  • You should make a move towards his cock next saturday. if he stops you then ok, but if not you can have the kids watch you pleasure each other and then join in.

  • The family is not like that. I'm there pretty much every day/night, and my boyfriend or kids have never done anything inappropriate. Infact they're a couple of the most well behaved children I ever seen. As for my boyfriend we'll kiss in front of his kids, but nothing else. He has never touched me inappropriately in front of his children, not even so much as a smack on my butt. However when we get behind closed doors it's a whole different story. ghen my Boyfriend is an animal. He's made my orgasim in ways I never thought possible. Plus he is hung bigger and thicker then any man I've ever been with, and I've been with a LOT of men. But my boyfriend doesn't know this.

  • Fair enough...enjoy!

  • 13yr old naked around the house... lucky man

  • My daughters don't seem to have a problem with it, it's natural

  • Can't be sure but an inkling tells me theyre not just nudists but hey its been 20 days. whats up?

  • Join in the family fun

  • Being naked is natural. Try it, let yourself go.

  • I personally love to be naked. I love being in my house naked but I don’t know about doing it in front of my children

  • Do they wear clothes outside the home? If so, l say no big deal, it is just nudity.

  • When they go out in public they dress normal. However there home is a ways back off the road in a wooded area, so a lot of the time outside they will be nude also.

  • Relax and enjoy

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