Horny cousins and creampies.

My dad and his 3 sisters bought neighboring houses so we grew up very close. Cousins' ages were in "batches" as my older brother was the same age as 3 other cousins and the ones closer to my age were all about 2 years older than me. It was the 60's in Louisiana most most of the available work was oilfield or working on boats in the oilfield so dads were always gone. Mom's were busy with house and babies so we were all left to entertain ourselves. Not surprisingly, it became sexual entertainment. The closest cousins to my age were 1 boy and 3 girls. As mentioned, they were about 2 years older than me and he had a very large cock for his age. Mine was much smaller at about 2" when I was 12 or so. He started fucking the girl cousins (including his sister) and I would get naked and watch while stroking my dick. During a fuck session, his sister told me to get close so she could stroke it for me if I wanted to fuck her after he finished. She pinched it and bent it, which was painful and made her laugh, but I never lost my hard on. He started cumming inside of her and she told me I had to lick her if I wanted to fuck her. I licked her and I am sure she had an orgasm but she did not let me fuck her. She said I was too small and she was sure she would not feel it inside her. She told the other 2 cousins that I had licked her after he had cum inside her and they each had me do the same thing for them after he fucked them. I never did get to fuck any of them but I ate a lot of creampies. My love for creampies continued into adulthood and having a very small cock made it easy to get my wife to start fucking other guys after we were married. We have been married over 40 years and she has had sex with close to 200 guys through the years, most of whom were frequent visitors for repeat sex. I have eaten several hundred creampies and at 64 I still love it!


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  • I'm jealous! I'm in my late 40s and only just started eating creampies a few years ago. I'd fantasized about it a lot, and my wife and a friend of mine were fucking each other regularly, but I just couldn't bring myself to take that humiliating step of watching another man fuck my wife bareback and cum inside her, then eating his cum out of my wife's pussy with him laying there watching. One night lust overcame shame and I just did it. I was instantly hooked.
    They still fuck regularly, sometimes alone and sometimes with me there. I only get to eat her creampie on rare occasions though, and have done it maybe 10 times. In a perfect world, I'd be eating a different man's cum out of her fertile pussy every night, and maybe 2 or 3. I could never get tired of it.

  • I'd love to eat cream pies too.

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