My First Virgin Screw

It's every guy's desire to sack a virgin, I was 16 in the summer of 1999, when I laid my first and only one! We were on vacation staying at friends of my parents for a weekend whom had a daughter. She was probably 12 at most, her blue eyes and skinny frame almost gave me no interest in her at all until I showered at the end of the day. Abigail had just showered before me as I entered the bathroom to take one myself. On the floor, near the laundry bin, were her discarded panties, they must have missed going inside the dirty laundry bin with the rest of her used clothing. The tiny silky fabric were definitely Abigail's. I had already bagged a couple of girls , but not a cherry. Holding Abigail's panties in my hands and analysising their sexiness, turned on a lightbulb upstairs in my brain. This girl could be "hot to trot" already if she was wearing these type of sexypanties as I whiffed their smell.

The next day I put my plan into place by teasing Abigail and trying to hang around her more. She didn't have much on top, but there were road bumps up there that required a bra. Our parents talked about doing dinner at some Chinese restaurant, I asked if I could stay behind and my folks had no problem with it. I was banking on Abigail to follow suit even though she was at a friends house for the early part of the day, but there was time before they left in a few hours for her to decide.

Abigail shows up back home as everyone is leaving for dinner, she finds out I am staying behind and having pizza and asks her dad if she can stay. Her dad replies in the affirmative just as my pizza arrives. Abigail goes and jumps in the shower after our parents leave I listen for her to go to her room after she's done and then make my way towatds that direction. I knock on her door and quickly open it and she is standing in a zebra print bra and panties set. She says hey and grabs the gown near her and covers her body with it as she turns towards me directly at me using the gown as a shield. I apologize and say I'm sorry that I thought she had said to enter, that despite the radio being on, that it sounded like it was ok. I quickly move closer to her and say she's rather pretty, that I bet she's the prettiest girl in her school and all the guys call on her. I ask what grade she's in? She replies by saying entering 7th. I then say lets see what you look like without that gown in her way. She gives me a strange look, I then say c'mon, that it's just her and I, no one will know, and reach for the gown and say let me see how pretty she looks. I lift the gown and she moves her arms away from it as I discard it to the chair near where she's standing. I say to her that she's beautiful and looks very sexy like that in her bra and panties. I ask her if she's seen a guy naked yet, she moves her head sideways meaning no. I then remove my shirt and ask her if she wants me to leave? She replies no. I then move closer to her as she backs into the dresser, she can't move back any further, my hands then go to her waist and I give her a kiss. I stop and say lets get on the bed and lead her to it, Shortly after, bra off, panties off, legs apart, and Abigail is no longer a virgin, my first cherry!

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  • I bagged two virgins. Two girls that were best friends. I met them one summer at the beach. This one was a hot little red head. The other was a chubby little thing. I tried hitting on the red head and got nowhere. But somehow I could not get her out of my mine. I ran into to them now and then but nothing. Finally I ran into the chubby friend and we got together in my car and I broke her cherry. However we barebacked and OMG suppose I knocked her up that would have been bad. Any out of the blue who calls me about a month later but the red head. She was I guess feeling around trying to find out why I never called the chubby little friend of hers. I found her very easy to talk too and we must have been on the phone for over a hour. Finally I asked her if she would like to go to the movies. Surprise she said yes. So we went out had a good time third date I nailed her. Later I learned the chubby chick was 18 and the red head was only 14. I was 23 years old...……...jail bait. I had asked the chubby chick how old she was and never thought to ask the red head. I assumed she was the same age. Long story short once I found out her age I stopped seeing her. Six years later I ran into the red head again. We started dating and after a year got married. Still married to her and I am glad I was the one to break her cherry.

  • I was 16 wife 15 when i took hers. Off to college, we didn't see each for 6 years. Run into her at bar and she gives me a blow job (showing off her education). Said her roomate call her Deli, because guys had to take a number. She still goes by Deli. Thankfully no one here knows why.

  • My first one was when I popped my FIL anal cherry one weekend when my wife and her mom went shopping. Now I fuck him all the time.

  • Almost knocked up my first virgin, my first time all in too. Had 2 more after her. But my fav was giving oral to virgins, gave it to 5 in all, one them 100+ times. She couldn't get it enough, I couldn't oblige enough. Could have fucked her but that would have ended my lick virgin fetish. Virgins taste like sweet nectar, once they take the first load they don't ever again -- I swear* . Not that they taste bad -- I'm still an oral freak 50 years later. never bought KY ever. My tongue should have a goddam* KY label tattoo on it.

    *trolling Holden Caulfield

  • One word requesters and projectioners annoy me, blacklisting/blackmailing enablers are so stupid. one word all the time,
    incest, dogsex, mom-sons-sex. daughter-father-sex.

    get a life i4giveu loser.

    others come on the site with a lot of stories from college, work or home and not just a fixation of one thing dirty all the time

  • Child molester, you need your nuts kicked really hard three times a day

  • I took my sister's virginity when she was 13. Its was so hot.

  • Nice story. But I would have liked more description of her Abigail's young body. It goes Bra off panties off legs apart and Abigail is no longer a virgin.
    I would have wanted to know her reaction to your cock. Weather she bled ? Did she scream ?
    Did she have much pubic hair ?
    Did you fuck her again ?

  • Are u a dad

  • Yes

  • Tell me abt ur girls

  • Hi I have a 15 year old daughter. She is 5'8" tall 34c cup and UK size 10. She lost her virginity at 13 to her year older boy friend.
    She and her boyfriend have sex in her room several times a week. She went on birth control at 12 when her periods became regular and was sexually active soon after that.
    She told my wife and I that she was having sex with her boyfriend.
    So we allowed them to to have sex in her bedroom.

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