Massage hard on

Is it ok to get hard during a normal body massage?

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  • I got my first massage from a male masseuse when we were on vacation. I asked him if it was normal to get an erection during the massage, he said yes it's perfectly normal. Okay then, but do you mind getting it out of my face, I said.

  • Yes

  • I have a worse unwanted erection problem. I get them in the locker room surrounded by naked guys. So embarrassing

  • I did once and she said no big thing. Lol

  • I wouldn't call it ok (meaning that it doesn't mean you should encourage the therapist to do anything with it) but it's completely normal. I used to get massages in my underwear but at her encouragement, I go nude now, but under the sheet as it is really much more comfortable than I expected. Only one time have I gotten an erection and she was cool about it. It embarrassed me more than it did her. I covered my face with my hands and she said, "Don't worry."

  • Most expect it to happen..I used to go to a place not far from my house (until the business burned and got replaced by a parking lot) and get amazing massages from the same woman. Beautiful blonde, with killer-long nails, which are my thing/fetish. She'd use those nails on me during the massage, and I'd go from relaxed to engorged within minutes. I know she even did a little extra digging just to get me way up, and she did. Got my happy endings, too.

  • I am a female masseur, I frequently experience specially women like a naked massage, lots of men have a hard on, ime not bothered I like it, I don't do a happy ending even though I have been tempted for the money and the experience, its the women I would like to play with while the are naked on the massage, may be I might try it a woman, I have touched there vegans and apologised as if it was a mistake.

  • My massage lady asked me after the third session if I would like a happy ending, she told me when she first started in the business she was frequently asked if she did an happy ending from both sexes but refused so her profits dropped, To make more money she started, the word got around, business picked up, she never did full sex she only did a hand job or a blowjob with a condom on, for the women it was mainly finger fucking in the vagina and anus, or using a dildo, some liked he to wear rubber gloves, she never shared body fluids for

  • I do not always get hard but it happens more when my lower back and hips are being worked on because the shifting causes the head of my cock to get moved around which stimulates it. I have also answered ads for massages from men that WANT to play with my hard on so you may try one of those for complete satisfaction. I have mostly been just stroked off but a few have given me a blowjob which felt great as a final relaxation.

  • My ex-girlfriend is a massage therapist and said guys got hard all of the time. She didn't do "favors" as she would lose her job but she did see a lot of hard cock.

  • Bet she played with lots of cock and still does. She lied to you

  • It happens. Massage therapists understand that this is a normal, involuntary reaction. They ignore it.

  • Yes it happens

  • First time I got a message my wife and I did a couples package. My wife got the male and I got the female. They told us to strip down as far as we were comfortable and then cover with the blanket. I wanted to strip nude but my wife wasn't comfortable with that so we stripped to our underwear. As I was laying there I would glance over and watch my wife. At some point he had unclipped my wife's bra and it was down beside her. He was massaging her back and side. I could see him clearly rubbing the side of my wife's tit. (She has big tits) It was so arousing that I instantly got hard. I happened to be laying on my back with the lady massaging my legs. It was totally obvious I was hard. I looked at her and gave this expression as if to say sorry. She looked over at my wife and back at me. She just smiled and winked at me. I knew she understood why I was hard.

  • Who doesn't?

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