My wife told her family and friends that I have a small cock.

I have always known that I have a small cock. When I was 14, both my 12 year old and 10 year old brothers had larger cocks than I did. Even my mom, in a truly concerned tone, told me that she was sure it would eventually grow. It grew to about 4" and no more. My wife admitted that she shared my size with her friends, her sisters, and her mom. I think it she did it out of frustration but instead of being ashamed or embarrassed, I was incredibly turned on that they knew. Some of her friends made comments about size but what really surprised me was her mom. When nobody else was around, she would wave her pinky at me with a little wink and I knew she meant it to tease me about my cock size! She eventually became emboldened, gesturing with her pinky regardless of who was there (other than her husband) and still does it years later.


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  • So what is the update weenie, are you totally embarassed about your minute cocky

  • Thanks for asking but no, I'm good with it.

  • My wife admitted to picking up a guy one and while she loved giving blowjobs she really thought a cock couldn’t really be on a guy who was pretty tall 6’. As she sucked him in her car she really thought it would either grow in length or girth but it only got a little thicker to about 4” 41/2 inches. She said what made him so special was he knew how to last and with deep quick lasting pounding he made it worth while. She said even though he was the smallest cocks of the many cocks she sucked and fucked( she had many) he was the smallest ever.He was in her circle of friends and was very handsome just not the guy or cock she wanted. when there was no one to fuck he would meet her back at her place to have sex

  • You have a weenie can't change that so your wife can be satisfied toss up between a well hung young stud or a nice dog OK ? I suggest a Labrador

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I have owned a Black Lab, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, and Australian Blue Healer. All were males and all were better hung than me. She is very open-minded but absolutely refuses to have sex with any sort of animal.

  • Take her and bend her over, hold her hips and spread her cheeks, then ram it in her butt. Ask her “does that feel small now?”

  • We have been married for many years so we experimented with quite a bit sexually, eventually to include anal. As small as my cock is, it still took a bit to work it into her virgin butthole. But once it was in, she said it quickly turned into a pleasure-pain and she started to cum incredibly hard, even pushing back against my cock. Sad to say, I did not last but a couple of minutes so her orgasm was short-lived. Even with her intense orgasm, she was not a fan of anal so we did not do it very often.

  • My girlfriend told all my friends I still get spanked by my mom at 24 !!

  • Nice. That begs for a lot of questions: Do you enjoy it? Does your girlfriend watch? Are you naked? Do you get hard? Is your mom naked?

  • No I do not !! Yes if she is there, bare butt, no I never do. No never why would she be ?

  • There was no expectation that your mom was naked, just curious. I have read quite few stories on here where mom and son get naked together and you had not qualified the situational aspect of your spankings. Does your girlfriend enjoy watching you being spanked? If she is aware and has watched, she must be at the very least ok with it.

  • It's punishment, I also get grounded, times outs , lines and sent to bed early. I think she does, it always seems to make her wet but I hate it! It's so humiliating being bare bottomed over your moms knee

  • Do you expect your girlfriend to take over your spankings and the other punishment regimen if and when your mom decides you are no longer her responsibility?

  • I really hope she don't I am too old for it ! It hurts and it's humiliating. I have to have corner time and they sit there chatting about my sore bottom !!

  • Listen Buddy you may as well let others get a giant laugh about your tiny dicklette its not good for anything else obviously
    About time you let your wife find a young well hung stud to pock her

  • Thanks stud. Been there, done that. She has been poked (not pocked) by a few young, well-hung guys.

  • I'm wondering why your big mouth wife had to tell everybody you had a small dick ? Be careful of your mother in law , I suspect she might want a look at your dick in action. Don't be shocked if one day she grabs your cock when wifey isn't around.

  • I have a small cocktail too, 4 inches when hard, my wife told her mom, sister and two friends. Her mom and I were alone once and she asked to see it. I showed her. She had a good laugh

  • I would absolutely love it if my MIL asked to see my little dick!

  • I don't think she did it out of spite or specifically to embarrass me. With her friends, I think it was the result of a bit too much alcohol and not having me around as a deterrent to her sharing. She came home one night after a girl's night out and said that after a few drinks, one of the girls started talking about how large her husband's cock was. My wife said she started laughing and the girl got angry thinking my wife was laughing at her. My wife then told her that no, my cock was less than half the size of her husband's cock and that's why she was laughing. She said her friends asked a few more questions about my size and sex with me and then they all had a good laugh about it. With her family, she comes from a family of large men. Her dad was 6'5" tall and very athletic (amateur boxer). I have no real clue about his cock size but when my wife and I lived there for a few months while buying a house, I could hear them having sex and her mom was very vocal about feeling him in her. My wife said it was like that for as long as she could remember. Her brothers are all 6'3" or taller and I know that 2 of her 3 brothers are very well hung because their eventual wives like to brag. When my wife and I were living there I saw the "middle" brother one morning sticking out of his boxers and it looked to be about 9" and very thick so I know for sure about him. She said that at some point growing up she had seen all of her brothers naked and hard so thought all men were that way. I think she brought it up to her mom and sisters possibly out of surprise (and disappointment?) thinking that all men were like the men she grew up with. I was not there when she talked about my size to them so I cannot comment on the context nor their reactions. And if mother-in-law asked to see it, I would whip it out in a second and let her touch it all she wants!

  • You’re not small. I had a dick once that was literally like sucking a pinky. It was hard not to laugh, or vomit.

  • My husband is by far the smallest I ever had, and he is still the best at fucking me. He’s the only man to ever make me shake uncontrollably after sex, and he last more than just one round. Is it nice to have a bigger or longer dick? It has its ups and downs, but I have no regrets about his dick. Did I think wtf am I doing? Yes I did, making out in the car and I finally put my hand in his pants, I said to myself omfg, this shit is tiny, but I gave him a shot and boy did he win. I’m so proud of him I told everyone he’s got the smallest dick I ever seen or had. I still have friends who flirt with him, and I catch them rubbing up against him. My advice to you, fuck your wife good, do whatever it takes to please her

  • Thanks. My wife has never complained to me about my size but she did "experiment" with guys who had much larger cocks (my suggestion and encouragement). She said there is definitely a difference but that talent goes a long way.

  • Just get really skilled at oral, and if some bitch waves her pinky, stick out your tongue.

  • My wife has told a lot of ppl about my 5 inch penis. One of her friends asked if she ever wants a bigger dick. Wife said she has fucked guys with bigger dicks and I make her cum more often and better than anyone else she's slept with

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