Fucked my cousin Melissa

One night I was drinking at my place, I had a bunch of people over. At the end of the night everyone went home, and a few people stayed behind to sleep over cause they lived far from me. One of them, her name was Melissa. She had really short hair, but had a sexy ass. I wanted to fuck her cause I was drunk as hell. I was laying down on my couch, and she came up to me. She just immediately started kissing me. After a while, she dropped to her knees and started sucking me off. It felt so good. Then she stood up, took her pants off and got on top of me. We fucked for about 10 minutes. She can really ride the shit out of me. About half hour later, we fucked again. Later she left my palace and went home. Was so drunk, I guess she had to go. It was pretty fucking amazing tho how she can ride a dick and give a blowjob. I really wanna just fuck her again and again. Even though she has a boyfriend. I know she loves this cock in her mouth and pussy so shell be back for more.

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  • Ive done the same too with my cousin, I spent the night at her place, I was laying down on her couch. We were drinking, then I kept bugging her. My face was down by her legs because she came to lay by me. I worked my hand down her pants an started to finger her, she took her pants off and I started to eat her out. Later we fucked. I love eating her pussy.

  • I fucked my cousin. We hung around quite a lot back then so when we ended up at a party together I didn't think anything of it. We both got pretty drunk and she took off, God only knows why. I went looking for her and found her in the park sitting on the swings. I'm not really sure why or how but she pulled her pants down, bent over the swing set post and I fucked her from behind. If I remember correctly we were just drunk and stupid and I vaguely remember her daring me to fuck her. Stupid thing was that I fucking cummed inside her. Thank God she never got pregnant.

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