Wife getting fucked

A few minutes ago my wife just finished fucking another guy in our bed. Both of them are in the shower right this minute getting cleaned up. I let my wife fuck however she wants as long as she does it in front of me and in our bed. She came home today with this guy she works with, introduced him to me, and then asked if she could fuck him. After some drinking we came to the bedroom where they just stripped a bit ago and he proceeded to crawl between my wife's legs and slid his dick into her pussy. He threw he legs up over his shoulders and shoved his dick as far in her as he could get it. They fucked like that for a good 30 minutes until he came inside her. I meanwhile shat here and watched. When they finished just a few minutes ago, I got up and looked between her legs. His cum was running out of her pussy. She asked if I wanted to fuck her. I jumped on the bed and slid my rock hard dick into her sloppy pussy. She was so wet with cum it was like fucking a jar of mayonnaise. Cum was running out of her pussy as I fucked her. It was so hot I unloaded my own cum into her pussy. Now I sit her with cum all over my dick writing this while my wife and thos guy are in the shower together...... actually now that I get up and walk to the bathroom door, I can see he has her bent over in the shower right this minute. He's fucking her again. I'm watching him slap her ass as he's fucking her. My dick is getting hard again..... my wife is reaching out of the shower now stroking my dick..... hey baby, you want to suck me while he .... is. Fucking you. .... .. got a go CV at. Vcant type anhyhhmore

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  • My wife has had a fuck buddy for the past couple years. I work nights. She works days. She fucks him right before I come home. I wanted to eat her pussy one night after he had just cum inside her. She told me she still had his cum in her but I went down on her anyway. She talks down to me but in a sexy way. She told her lover that her "faggot husband" likes eating his cum.

  • I love to lick my wife’s pussy after she’s been fucked by another guy or guys.

  • So do I like cleaning her cum filled pussy up before I fuck her . Sloppy seconds are great

  • I guess she is up front with fucking around. She is willing to cut you in as long as you go along with the program. I suspect there are some lovers you don't know about, you know, the ones she likes to do alone, just he and she and no hubby to get in the way.

  • Sloppy pussy my favorite , the sloppier the better

  • That was probably the hottest fucking thing I ever read on here.

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