I fucked a 42 yr old

I had sex with a 42 year old man and im 17

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  • I'm 21 and was fucking a 40 yr old when I was 17. We don't get to see each other as often but we still hook up from time to time.

  • Lucky you.

  • Did you like it?

  • I rather my dad

  • Yawn , I’m almost 40 and I’m still a virgin, because I hated everybody, because I was a nerd growing up , I watched Children’s movies , I had a bad injury to my right temple which was the factor in my preservation of Virginity in my teen years , 20’s , 30’s and almost in my 40’s
    , I play video games and I live in a dead end apartment with no job skills that might have put me in a better employment place.
    I never talk to anybody or make make conversation with anybody. Point is don’t make the same mistakes I’m making , make something of yourself or you’ll end up in a dark place with no eyesight of where you’re going in life .

  • Sounds like my first husband.

  • What’s he do?

  • Oh shit, are you talking about me? I'm 42 and just fucking a 17 year old girl..

  • Where are you located

  • Dallas texas

  • Noo

  • Yes I am. Near the cowboys practice facility. I’ll be standing out front there on Friday after school. Stop by.

  • Id like to to get in on the action and suck on that 42 year old cock

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