Tied up for strangers

My wife and I are married for about 12 years. We don't have kids because my wife could not become pregnant (ovarian surgery). We have been very sexual from the first day we met and we both liked to show our bodies off. over years my wife had this fantasy being tied and blindfolded somewhere outside and some walkers come by and fuck her.

We've already faked that. I tied her and went away, then I came back, fakes to be another man and fucked her. But after a while my wife told me sh could smell me and thats not, what she wanted.

So for our 10th anniversary I reservated a nice room in a state park and after thinking about for some days, we went out. we chose a place where no one was around but with a trail nearby. I tied and blindfolded her to a tree with her legs spread on the ground. of course naked. As if it was a joke, I put a box with condoms beside her.

We had agreed that I walk a short way on the trail to a lake and would be fiching there and later I would pick her up on the way back to the lodge. thats the way, we did it.

During fishing I tried to listen, but I did not hear anything beside the noises of the park. I think it must have been nearly 2 hours later, when a bunch of kids came the way. 5 boys between 12 and 15 aproximately, all armed for a fishing trip. I heard them joke and laugh about anything and that their parents never would believe them when they come and pick them up in the evening.

I did not have a clue that what they were talking could have to do with my wife. Not such young boys. Today I still mean that boys that age don't have the nuts to do, what they did.

I stayed one more hour and then walked back on the trail. When I arrived at my wife, I was shocked. she was still tied and blindfolded but around her were a lot of what looked like used condoms. the box was not empty but therer were not very much left. and my wifes upper body, especially face and tits were covered in cum.

She told me there came some boys by that wanted to go fishing. they stopped and they talked about her. One boy seemed to be the leader and he was the reckless one. The others first were afrait to start something.

Then the leader walked to her and the other boys cheered at him. My wife did not know what happened but the suddenly cum splashed in her face. He had masturbated and cum on her. and then the boys all were over her. 10 Hands over any place of her body. then the first cock invading her mouth. short time later the first slowly, kind of shy, was put in her vagina.

They played with her for estimated an hour. But that must not been right, she said. she sounded a bit unpleasant when she confessed that she hat not to wait long for her first orgasm. alone them being young boys and not adults and what they all did to her, made her horny as never before.

When I told her I had seen the boys at the lake and that I thought they were between 15 and 12, she layed back and masturbated like a wild one.

I think, we will always remember our 10th anniversaty.

(sorry, we are not english)


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  • I always wanted this, my husband made it happen, and boys that age put their dog on me. It was humiliating. I cried the whole way home.

  • OP (she): real, they let fuck her dog on you? I have played with our dog as a young girl (because I had no siblings) and I was overly curious. If you want to mail, I'll give you my adress. Or look at utascaptions. blogspot. com/ (without spaces)

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