Obsessed with Cock

What can I say? I had been curious for years. I had no idea that by opening my mouth and letting him stuff it with his big, hard dick, that I would turn into a helpless, cum craving whore.

Ok, I had some idea....I love cock. I loved the first taste, I love how it feels when he pumps my mouth. I love feeling his head down my throat. I especially loved when his cock started pulsing just before he moaned and drained his balls into my mouth. I loved eating his cum. I swallowed every drop. Now I need more. I told him I'd take him and 2 others. Would love three loads at once. Hope to get my mouth stretched soon! Bring on the dick!

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  • I've always been very passionate. I've always wanted a fuck buddy. But I was always afraid of getting fucked in my ass or sucking cock. Because what if the other person fell in love with you?? What then?? Well, after I just couldn't take it anymore I let a sissy I met fuck me. We had nasty, wet, sloppy sex for a long time. We did more then just have sex, we made love. And just like I feared this sissy fell in love. Every time she came near me her dick got hard. She wanted to fuck me all the time. She wanted to talk on the phone every day. I didn't mind that part. I wanted that too. I just didn't want anyone to find out. Well after talking to her and letting her know how I wanted things, everything worked out. Now I can have her dick and suck it too.

  • I was a cute little kid who was seduced by an older sissy boy. He couldn't get near me either without getting some of my tight boy's ass. He'd buy me cute little panties and the like, dress me up and in my panties aside he was. It was a little weird being in panties getting fucked by someone else in panties?

  • I've been sucking other boy's and men's cocks since I was a little kid. I think that some guys are just that way I mean like I am?

  • I m curious but I don’t want to suck cock I want to get fucked or fuck someone

  • I'm the same in a way, I love getting fucked but rarely duck?

  • I was into bottoming only till I was 15 and went to bed with a 22 year old guy and took a shower with him afterwards. It was one sucking good shower!

  • Nice, I am hoping for my first on a road trip in two weeks.

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